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System Management Services (SMS) 1.4 Release Notes




1. System Management Services (SMS) 1.4 Release Notes

SMS 1.4 Known Limitations

General Notes and Issues

Automatic Diagnosis and Recovery

Capacity On Demand (COD)

System Controller External Network Configuration

System BREAK Sequence

IPSec Configuration

smsconnectsc Command

Reinstallation and Upgrade

SMS Documentation Notes

Part Numbers

Documentation Errata

2. SMS 1.4 Bugs

Bugs in SMS 1.4 Software

Using Control-C to Interrupt Poweron/Poweroff Sequence Can Cause ESMD to Core Dump (BugId 4902308)

Using Control-C to Interrupt Poweron/Poweroff Sequence Can Display Unnecessary Error Messages (BugId 4902311)

The setchs -c Command Is Limited to One Component at a Time (BugId 4925617)

ADC Chip Timeout Errors Displayed When SC Is Under Load (BugId 4948686)

Misleading Message During SC Poweroff (BugId 4953836)

Domain Boot Time Has Increased (BugId 4957596)

Failover May Not Work Properly on Spare SC (BugId 4963029)

Two-Processor System Boards Display Uknown Status After Domain Reboot (BugId 4970240)

Domain Does Not Recover If You Poweroff Expander In a Running Domain (BugId 4970726)

Successful DR Operation Displays Error Message (BugId 4971396)

setkeyswitch Operation Appears to Hang (BugId 4972781)

Do Not Insert a System Board Into an Expander Board That Is Powered Down (BugId 4970670)

Bugs That Affect SMS 1.4 Software

After Changing the MAN I1 Network IP Address of an Installed Domain, you must reconfigure the MAN network by hand (BugId 4484851)

Sun Fire 15K Platform-Specific Begin/Finish Scripts Can Hang on HPCI+-Only Domains (BugId 4797577)

Intermittent I2C Timeouts (1124) for Hpc3130 Cassette Status (BugId 4785961)

Unmapped Response to Non-cacheable Request Corrupts State in AXQ Lock Module (BugId 4761277)

Sun Fire 15K Servers Can Fail to Detect Domain Stop Interrupts (BugId 4924523)

SMS Will Not Start if IP Address Is Missing (BugId 4929849)

SMS 1.4 Documentation Errors

SMS Upgrade Example In smsupgrade.1m Manpage Uses Wrong Suffix Numbers (BugID 4912378)

The pcd.1m manpage Displays Incorrect Data Fields (BugId 4918650)

flashupdate Information in Installation Guide Is Incorrect. (BugId 4942045)

showboards -c Provides Wrong Information About WPCI Boards (BugId 4970807)

3. Dynamic Reconfiguration Release Notes

Known Limitations

Slot 1 DR

DR Documentation Notes

Related Documentation

Known Bugs

DCA Doesn't Detect Failed Network Connection (BugId 4628314)

A Valid MaxCPU Board Used In An Invalid Split-Slot Configuration Will Fail POST (BugId 4904620)

Known Hardware Bugs

GigaSwift Ethernet MMF Link Goes Down With CISCO 4003 Switch After DR Attach (BugId 4709629)