A P P E N D I X  A


This appendix discusses the various specifications of the Sun Blade T6300 server module. Topics covered are:

If you need specifications for the Sun Blade 6000 chassis, see the Sun Blade 6000 Modular System Site Planning Guide, 820-0426.

A.1 Physical Specifications

TABLE A-1 Exterior Dimensions





20.15 in.

512 mm

12.9 in.

327 mm

1.7 in.

44 mm

17 lbs

8 kg

If the server module is placed in an enclosure, ensure that there is adequate airflow from front to rear.

FIGURE A-1 Server Module Dimensions

Figure shows server module width 17 inch (432 mm), height 1.7 inches (44 mm), depth 24 inches, (610 mm).

A.2 Motherboard Block Diagram

FIGURE A-2 Motherboard Block Diagram

Figures shows the motherboard chips, buses and other components.