C H A P T E R  2

Server Overview

This chapter provides an overview of the server. Topics include:

2.1 Server Overview

The server is a high-performance, entry-level server that is highly scalable and very reliable (FIGURE 2-1).

FIGURE 2-1 Server

Figure showing the Sun Fire T1000 server.

FIGURE 2-2 shows the major components in the server, and FIGURE 2-3 and FIGURE 2-4 show the front and rear panels of the server.

FIGURE 2-2 Server Components

Figure showing the components in the server.

FIGURE 2-3 Server Front Panel

Figure showing the location of LEDs and button on the front panel of the server.

FIGURE 2-4 Server Rear Panel

Figure showing the location of LEDs and ports on the rear panel of the server.

2.2 Obtaining the Chassis Serial Number

To obtain support for your system, you need your chassis serial number. On the server, the chassis serial number is located on a sticker that is on the front of the server and another sticker at the rear of the server, below the AC power connector. You can also run the ALOM CMT showplatform command to obtain the chassis serial number.


sc> showplatform
Chassis Serial Number: 0529AP000882
Domain Status
------ ------
S0 OS Standby