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Sun Fire T2000 Server Product Notes



1. Important Information About the Sun Fire T2000 Server

Identifying the Notes for Your Server

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Determine the Part Number and Which Notes Apply to Your Server

Information For All Sun Fire T2000 Servers

HBA Cards Installed in PCI-E Slots on Sun Fire T2000 Servers Are Not Recognized by OBP or During Boot (CR 6479274, 6513604, 6513621, 6514875)

Sun Now Offers and Supports Sun 4 GByte DIMMs for Sun Fire T2000 Servers

New Features Released in System Firmware 6.3.0

Preparing for Changes to the Networking Framework

Mandatory /etc/system File Entries

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Check and Create the Mandatory /etc/system File Entries

Replace Motherboards With Approved Replacements

Sun Explorer Requires the Tx000 Option

Running SunVTS CPU Tests ... Causes Shutdown Due to Watchdog Timeout (CR 6498483)

T2000 Correctable Memory Errors in POST can be confusing (CR 6479408)

Recognizing Erroneous Error Messages

Erroneous Boot Time Messages

Fault Messages Displayed While Booting From Disk, After Booting From the Network (CR 6424812)

Erroneous Messages Displayed After a Repair (CR 6369961)

Erroneous Fault Messages Displayed After a Solaris OS JumpStart Installation

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Configure the System After a JumpStart Installation

Documentation Errata

Error Regarding Date Synchronization in the ALOM CMT Guide

Typographic Error in Translated Versions of the Sun Fire T2000 Server Installation Guide

2. Notes for Servers With Part Number 501-7501

Supported Firmware and Software Versions

Required Patches

Known Issues

General Functionality Issues

Specific Issues and Workarounds

3. Notes For Servers With Part Number 501-6843

Supported Firmware and Software Versions

Latest Versions

Minimum Versions

Required Patches

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Apply Patches to the Boot Disk

Known Issues

General Functionality Issues

Specific Issues and Workarounds

Hardware RAID Support