TABLE 2-1 large spaceServer Features

TABLE 3-1 large spaceDiagnostic Flowchart Actions

TABLE 3-2 large spaceFront and Rear Panel LEDs

TABLE 3-3 large spaceHard Drive LEDs

TABLE 3-4 large spacePower Supply LEDs

TABLE 3-5 large spaceFan LEDs

TABLE 3-6 large spaceBlower Unit LED

TABLE 3-7 large spaceEthernet Port LEDs

TABLE 3-8 large spaceService-Related ALOM CMT Commands

TABLE 3-9 large spaceALOM CMT Parameters Used For POST Configuration

TABLE 3-10 medium spaceALOM CMT Parameters and POST Modes

TABLE 3-11 medium spaceASR Commands

TABLE 3-12 medium spaceUseful SunVTS Tests to Run on This Server

TABLE 5-1 large spaceDIMM Names and Socket Numbers

TABLE 6-1 large spaceDIMM Names and Socket Numbers

TABLE A-1 large spaceServer FRU List