C H A P T E R  21

IEEE 1394 Camera Test (fwcamtest)

fwcamtest Description

fwcamtest tests the parameters and display functions of an IEEE 1394 digital camera, such as vid mode, frame rate, and frames received. This test currently supports the LG PC-10 camera.

Note - Do not run the fwcamtest and vmemtest at the same time on any
Sun Blade system. This might cause the tests to fail.

Note - Do not start Sun Forumtrademark (or any application that uses the dcam0 device) while fwcamtest is running. This causes the test to fail.

fwcamtest Test Requirements

This section describes the fwcamtest test requirements.

Setting 24-Bit Depth in the Window Environment

The system that runs fwcamtest must already be running a window environment, such as JDS. If the system has no windowing environment, or is only displaying the login window, fwcamtest will neither pass nor fail.

Note - Your window system must be operating in 24-bit depth to run the display test. Instructions for changing this setting are below.

If you are working in JDS, you can change your system to 24-bit depth by editing the file /usr/dt/config/Xservers or /etc/dt/config/Xservers. The file /etc/dt/config/Xservers overrides the file /usr/dt/config/Xservers. Edit the appropriate file to include the following line:

:0   Local local_uid@console root /usr/openwin/bin/Xsun :0 -nobanner -dev /dev/fbs/ffb0 defdepth 24 defclass TrueColor

Testing Through a Remote Connection

While running fwcamtest through a remote connection (such as a Telnet session), if the DISPLAY variable is not set properly, it will cause numerous warning messages to display. These messages are logged and can fill up the log files. To avoid this, set your DISPLAY variable for the local host, and perform xhost remote-host on the local host before you start SunVTS and run fwcamtest.

fwcamtest Subtests

TABLE 21-1 describes the fwcamtest subtests.

TABLE 21-1 fwcamtest Subtests



Parameter test

Tests the digital camera parameters such as vid mode and brightness.

Framereceive test

Initializes the vid mode, frame rate and ring buffer capacity parameters, then checks for the frame received.

Display test

Displays the captured frames. This display test sets up the 1394 bus for asynchronous transfer mode. The display test only displays the frames on the host running the test. The test cannot display on a remote host.

fwcamtest Options

To reach the following dialog box below, right-click on the test name in the System Map and select Test Parameter Options. If you do not see this test in the System Map, you might need to expand the collapsed groups, or your system might not include the device appropriate to this test. Refer to the SunVTS User's Guide for more details.

FIGURE 21-1 fwcamtest Test Parameter Options Dialog Box

Screenshot of the fwcamtest Test Parameter Options dialog box

TABLE 21-2 fwcamtest Options




Enables or disables the Parameter subtest.


Enables or disables the Frame Receive subtest.


Enables or disables the Display subtest.

Video Length

Determines, in seconds, how long the screen display lasts.

fwcamtest Test Modes

TABLE 21-3 fwcamtest Supported Test Modes

Test Mode




Runs the full set of tests.

fwcamtest Command-Line Syntax

/opt/SUNWvts/bin/fwcamtest standard-arguments
-o dev=dcam0,dcamparam=E(nable)|D(isable),framercv=E|D,display=E|D, T=seconds

TABLE 21-4 fwcamtest Command-Line Syntax




Specifies the device name for this test.


Enables or disables the Parameter subtest.


Enables or disables the Frame Receive subtest.


Enables or disables the Display subtest.


Specifies the time period of the display test in seconds.