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SunVTS 6.2 Test Reference Manual for SPARC Platforms




1. SunVTS Overview

SunVTS Version Information

SunPCi-3 Card Support

Test Requirements

Collection of SunVTS Tests

32-Bit and 64-Bit Tests

SunVTS User Interfaces

Running a Test From a User Interface

Test Parameter Options Dialog Box

Running a Test From the Command Line

Standard Command-Line Arguments

Test-Specific Arguments

Frame Buffer Tests

Testing Multiple Frame Buffers

Remote Testing of Frame Buffers

Locking Frame Buffers

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Enable Frame Buffer Locking

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Disable Frame Buffer Locking

2. SunATM Adapter Test (atmtest)

atmtest Description

atmtest Test Requirements

atmtest Options

atmtest Test Modes

atmtest Command-Line Syntax

3. Audio Test (audiotest)

audiotest Description

audiotest Subtests

audiotest Options

audiotest Test Modes

audiotest Command-Line Syntax

4. Blade Support Chip Test (bsctest)

bsctest Options

bsctest Test Modes

bsctest Command-Line Syntax

5. Optical Disk Drive Test (cddvdtest)

cddvdtest Description

Volume Management

cddvdtest Hardware and Software Requirements



cddvdtest Subtests


cddvdtest Options

CD-ROM Test Options

DVD-ROM Test Options

CD-RW Test Options

DVD-RW Test Options

DVD-RAM Test Options

cddvdtest Test Modes

CD-ROM Test Modes

DVD-ROM Test Modes

CD-RW and DVD-RW Test Modes

DVD-RAM Test Modes

cddvdtest Command-Line Syntax

CD-ROM Command-Line Syntax

DVD-ROM Command-Line Syntax

CD-RW Command-Line Syntax

DVD-RW Command-Line Syntax

DVD-RAM Command-Line Syntax

6. Chip Multi-Threading Test (cmttest)

cmttest Description

cmttest Options

cmttest Test Modes

cmttest Command-Line Syntax

7. CPU Power Management Test (cpupmtest)

cpupmtest Description

cpupmtest Options

cpupmtest Test Modes

cpupmtest Command-Line Syntax

8. CPU Test (cputest)

cputest Description

cputest Options

cputest Test Modes

cputest Command-Line Syntax

9. Cryptographics Test (cryptotest)

cryptotest Description

cryptotest Subtests

cryptotest Options

mcatest Options

vcatest Options

dcatest Options

cryptotest Test Modes

cryptotest Command-Line Syntax for mcatest

cryptotest Command-Line Syntax for vcatest

cryptotest Command-Line Syntax for dcatest

10. Disk and Diskette Drives Test (disktest)

disktest Description

disktest Test Requirements

disktest Subtests

disktest Test Options

disktest Test Modes

disktest Command-Line Syntax

11. Netra-CT 820 DMC Test (dmctest)

dmctest Description

dmctest Subtests

dmcatest Options

dmcstest Options

dmctest Test Modes

dmcatest Command-Line Syntax

dmcstest Command-Line Syntax

12. Sun Firetrademark V880 FC-AL Disk Backplane Test (dpmtest)

dpmtest Description

dpmtest Options

dpmtest Test Modes

dpmtest Command-Line Syntax

13. Data Translation Look-Aside Buffer (dtlbtest)

dtlbtest Description

dtlbtest Options

dtlbtest Command-Line Syntax

14. Emulex HBA Test (emlxtest)

emlxtest Options

emlxtest Test Modes

emlxtest Command-Line Syntax

15. Environmental Test (envtest)

envtest Description

envtest Options

envtest Test Modes

envtest Command-Line Syntax

16. Environmental Test (env2test)

env2test Description

env2test Options

env2test Test Modes

env2test Command-Line Syntax

17. Environmental Test (env3test)

env3test Description

env3test Options

env3test Test Modes

env3test Command-Line Syntax

18. Environmental Test (env5test)

env5test Description

env5test Test Requirements

env5test Options

env5test Test Modes

env5test Command-Line Syntax

19. Environmental Test (env6test)

env6test Description

env6test Options

env6test Test Modes

env6test Command-Line Syntax

20. Floating Point Unit Test (fputest)

fputest Description

fputest Subtests

fputest Options

fputest Test Modes

fputest Command-Line Syntax

21. IEEE 1394 Camera Test (fwcamtest)

fwcamtest Description

fwcamtest Test Requirements

Setting 24-Bit Depth in the Window Environment

Testing Through a Remote Connection

fwcamtest Subtests

fwcamtest Options

fwcamtest Test Modes

fwcamtest Command-Line Syntax

22. Sun XVR-2500 Graphics Accelerator Test (graphicstest)

graphicstest Description

graphicstest Test Requirements

graphicstest Test Preparation

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Run graphicstest in a Desktop GUI

graphicstest Options

graphicstest Test Modes

graphicstest Command-Line Syntax

23. Host to System Controller Loopback Test (hsclbtest)

hsclbtest Options

hsclbtest Test Modes

hsclbtest Command-Line Syntax

24. I2C Bus Test (i2ctest)

i2ctest Description

i2ctest Test Requirements

i2ctest Options

i2ctest Test Modes

i2ctest Command-Line Syntax

25. I2C Inter-Integrated Circuit Test (i2c2test)

i2c2test Description

i2c2test Options

i2c2test Test Modes

i2c2test Command-Line Syntax

26. Infiniband Host Channel Adapter Test (ibhcatest)

ibhcatest Description

ibhcatest Subtests

ibhcatest Options

ibhcatest Test Modes

ibhcatest Command-Line Syntax

27. Expert3D Frame Buffer Test (ifbtest)

ifbtest Description

ifbtest Test Requirements

ifbtest Test Preparation

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Run ifbtest in a Window System

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Run ifbtest From the Command Line

ifbtest Options

ifbtest Test Modes

ifbtest Command-Line Syntax

28. Intelligent Fibre Channel Processor Test (ifptest)

ifptest Description

ifptest Subtests

ifptest Options

ifptest Test Modes

ifptest Command-Line Syntax

29. Integer Unit Test (iutest)

iutest Description

iutest Options

iutest Test Modes

iutest Command-Line Syntax

30. Suntrademark XVR-1200 Graphics Accelerator Test (jfbtest)

jfbtest Description

jfbtest Test Requirements

jfbtest Test Preparation

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Run jfbtest in a Window System

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Run jfbtest From the Command Line

jfbtest Options

jfbtest Test Modes

jfbtest Command-Line Syntax

31. JNI 2GB FC HBA Test (jnifctest)

jnifctest Description

jnifctest Subtests

jnifctest Options

jnifctest Test Modes

jnifctest Command-Line Syntax

32. Level 1 Data Cache Test (l1dcachetest)

l1dcachetest Description

l1dcachetest Options

l1dcachetest Test Modes

l1dcachetest Command-Line Syntax

33. Level 2 Cache Test (l2sramtest)

l2sramtest Description

l2sramtest Options

l2sramtest Test Modes

l2sramtest Command-Line Syntax

34. Level 3 Cache Test (l3sramtest)

l3sramtest Description

l3sramtest Options

l3sramtest Test Modes

l3sramtest Command-Line Syntax

35. LOMlite Alarm Test (lomlitetest)

lomlitetest Description

lomlitetest Requirements

lomlitetest Subtests

lomlitetest Options

lomlitetest Test Modes

lomlitetest Command-Line Syntax

36. M64 Video Board Test (m64test)

m64test Description, Requirements, and Subtests

m64test Options

m64test Test Modes

m64test Command-Line Syntax

37. Multiprocessor Test (mptest)

mptest Description

mptest Options

mptest Test Modes

mptest Command-Line Syntax

38. Sun Netra Alarm Card Test (nalmtest)

nalmtest Description

nalmtest Options

nalmtest Test Modes

nalmtest Command-Line Syntax

39. Ethernet Loopback Test (netlbtest)

netlbtest Description

netlbtest Test Requirements

netlbtest Options

netlbtest Test Modes

netlbtest Command-Line Syntax

40. Network Hardware Test (nettest)

nettest Description

nettest Options

nettest Test Modes

nettest Command-Line Syntax

41. Netra CT-820 IPMI Test (nipmitest)

nipmitest Description

nipmitest Options

nipmitest Supported Test Modes

nipmitest Command-Line Syntax

42. Netra Intelligent Platform Management Controller Test (nipmctest)

nipmctest Description

nipmctest Options

nipmctest Test Modes

nipmctest Command-Line Syntax

43. PCMCIA Modem Card Test (pcsertest)

pcsertest Description

pcsertest Options

pcsertest Test Mode

pcsertest Command-Line Syntax

44. Suntrademark XVR-100 Graphics Accelerator Test (pfbtest)

pfbtest Description, Subtests, and Requirements

pfbtest Options

pfbtest Test Modes

pfbtest Command-Line Syntax

45. Physical Memory Test (pmemtest)

pmemtest Description

pmemtest Options

pmemtest Test Modes

pmemtest Command-Line Syntax

46. Parallel Port Printer Test (pptest)

pptest Description

pptest Requirements

pptest Subtests

pptest Options

pptest Test Modes

pptest Command Line Syntax

47. Qlogic Host Bus Adapter Test (qlctest)

qlctest Description

qlctest Subtests

qlctest Options

qlctest Test Modes

qlctest Command-Line Syntax

48. RAM Test (ramtest)

ramtest Description

ramtest Options

ramtest Test Modes

ramtest Command-Line Syntax

49. Serial Asynchronous Interface (PCI) Test (saiptest)

saiptest Description

saiptest Requirements

saiptest Options

saiptest Test Modes

saiptest Command-Line Syntax

50. Internal I2C Smart Card Reader Test (sc2test)

sc2test Description

sc2test Subtests

sc2test Options

sc2test Test Modes

sc2test Command-Line Syntax

51. SEEPROM Test (seepromtest)

seepromtest Description

seepromtest Options

seepromtest Test Modes

seepromtest Command-Line Syntax

52. Serial Ports Test (serialtest)

serialtest Description

Loopback Connectors

serialtest Synchronous Testing Software Requirements

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Create Synchronous Devices

serialtest Asynchronous and Synchronous Testing

Asynchronous Testing

Synchronous Testing

serialtest Options

serialtest Test Modes

serialtest Command-Line Syntax

53. System Service Processor Test (ssptest)

ssptest Description

ssptest Subtests

ssptest Options

ssptest Test Modes

ssptest Command-Line Syntax

54. SunHSI Board Test (sunlink)

sunlink Description

sunlink Test Requirements

sunlink Options

sunlink Loopback Connectors

sunlink Test Modes

sunlink Command-Line Syntax

55. SunPCi II Test (sunpci2test)

sunpci2test Description

sunpci2test Test Requirements

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Shut Down Microsoft Windows and the SunPCi II Card:

sunpci2test Options

sunpci2test Test Modes

sunpci2test Command-Line Syntax

56. System Test (systest)

systest Description

systest Options

systest Test Modes

systest Command-Line Syntax

Command-Line Examples

57. Tape Drive Test (tapetest)

tapetest Description

tapetest Test Requirements

tapetest Options

tapetest Test Modes

tapetest Command-Line Syntax

58. USB Device Test (usbtest)

usbtest Description

usbtest Subtests

usbtest Options

usbtest Test Modes

usbtest Command Line Syntax

59. Virtual Memory Test (vmemtest)

vmemtest Description

vmemtest Swap Space Requirements

vmemtest Options

vmemtest Test Modes

vmemtest Command-Line Syntax

A. Loopback Connectors

Loopback Connection Overview

25-Pin RS-232 Loopback Plug

25-Pin RS-232 Port-to-Port Loopback Cable

8-Pin to 8-Pin Loopback Cable

8-Pin Loopback Plug

25-Pin Port A-to-Port B Loopback Plug

25-Pin Port A-to-A Port B-to-B Loopback Plug

96-Pin Female Loopback Connector

96-Pin Female Special Loopback Connector

37-Pin RS-449 Loopback Cable

37-Pin RS-449 Loopback Plug

9-Pin Male Single-Port Loopback Plug

9-Pin Female Single-Port Loopback Plug

9-Pin to 25-Pin Port-to-Port Loopback Cable

9-Pin to 9-Pin Port-to-Port Loopback Cable

NT to TE Loopback Cable

Twisted-Pair Ethernet (TPE) Loopback Cable for Fast Ethernet

TPE Loopback Cable for Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet

9-Pin Male Single-Port Loopback Plug

9-Pin Female Single-Port Loopback Plug

9-Pin Male DB-9 External Loopback Connector

9-Pin Female DB-9 External Loopback Connector