System Administration Guide: Network Interfaces and Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization and Resource Control Task Map



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Design and plan a virtual network on a single host 

Consolidate network services and applications offered by the local network onto a single host. 

This scenario is especially useful for consolidators and service providers. 

Planning and Designing a Virtual Network

Design and plan for a private virtual network on a single host  

Run a virtual network that does not allow public access. 

This scenario is recommended for system administrators who need to run a development environment. 

Private Virtual Network on a Single System

Provide bandwidth management and resource control for systems on a per-interface basis. 

Isolate, prioritize, and assign a specific amount of interface bandwidth for packet traffic. 

This scenario is useful for systems that handle heavy traffic for particular services, such as a web service or a database server. 

Interface-based Resource Control for a Traditional Network

Provide bandwidth management and resource control for a virtual network 

Create a scenario to isolate, control, and prioritize traffic for particular applications on the individual containers of the virtual network. 

This scenario is particularly useful for service providers who bill customers for usage of particular application or who rent out containers to customers. 

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