Sun Enterprise 250 Server Owner's Guide

How to Remove the Side Access Panel

Caution - Caution -

Do not operate the system while any of its plastic outer panels or doors are removed.

Caution - Caution -

Removing the side access panel or removable media assembly activates the system power interlock switches. This safety mechanism prevents all DC voltages (except 5V standby power) from reaching any internal component when the side panel or removable media assembly is removed and the front panel keyswitch is left on. Do not remove the side access panel or removable media assembly while the system is operating or the system will power off abruptly.

Before You Begin

Complete this task:

Video Demonstration

Figure 4-3  


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What to Do

  1. Remove the security lock block (if present).

    See "How to Install the Security Lock Block".

  2. Loosen the two captive screws securing the side panel to the rear of the chassis.

    Figure 4-4  


  3. Pull the side panel toward the back of the system.

    Carefully disengage the hooks securing the side panel to the top of the chassis.

    Figure 4-5  


  4. Lift the side panel up and away from the system, and set the panel aside.

What Next

You are now ready to install, remove, or replace components inside the system chassis.