Sun Enterprise 250 Server Owner's Guide

How to Remove a Memory Module

Before You Begin

Complete these tasks:

Caution - Caution -

Dual inline memory modules (DIMMs) are made of electronic components that are extremely sensitive to static electricity. Static from your clothes or work environment can destroy the modules. Do not remove any DIMM from its antistatic packaging until you are ready to install it on the main logic board. Handle the modules only by their edges. Do not touch the components or any metal parts. Always wear a grounding strap when you handle the modules.

What to Do

  1. Locate the DIMM module you want to remove on the main logic board.

    See "About Memory".

  2. Push the ejection lever away from the memory module and eject it from the socket.

    Figure 6-5  


  3. Grasp the top corners of the memory module and pull it out of its socket.

    Place the module on an antistatic mat.

What Next

To replace a memory module, complete this task: