Sun Enterprise 3500 System Installation Guide

Connecting an ASCII Terminal

An ASCII terminal (or workstation) can be attached to the server to display diagnostic messages produced by the firmware (power-on self-test/POST or OpenBoot(TM) PROM/OBP) program. A terminal is not required for normal server operations, so it may be necessary to locate a terminal to connect to the server.

  1. Connect the terminal cable into serial port A on the clock+ board. See Figure 2-8.

    Figure 2-8 Clock+ Board


  2. Connect the terminal power cord into an AC wall outlet.

  3. Configure the ASCII terminal as follows:

    • 9600 bps

    • 1 stop bit

    • 8 data bits

    • Parity off

    • Full duplex

    Refer to the instruction manual shipped with the terminal for specific configuration instructions.

    Note -

    The setup parameters listed in Step 3 may differ from the setup at the customer site. These parameters can be changed in the NVRAM (nonvolatile random access memory). Refer to the set-defaults and printenv commands in the OpenBoot Command Reference manual, part number 802-3242.