Sun Enterprise 3500 System Installation Guide

Powering Off the System

Before turning off the system power, you must halt the operating system. See the Preface, "UNIX Commands," to find references if you need help with the commands for this task or other system administration procedures.

Note -

Failure to halt the operating system properly can cause the loss of disk drive data.

Note -

Do not disconnect the terminal while the system is running.

Caution - Caution -

To avoid damaging internal circuits, do not disconnect or connect any cable while power is applied to the system.

To shut down the system:

  1. Notify users that the system is going down.

  2. Back up the system files and data to tape, if necessary.

  3. Halt the system using the appropriate commands. Refer to the Solaris Handbook for SMCC Peripherals that corresponds to your operating system.

  4. Wait for the system-halted message and the boot monitor prompt.

  5. Use the key to unlock the system front door, and pull on the handle to open the door.

  6. Locate the system key switch in the upper right corner, and turn the key switch to the Standby position (fully counterclockwise). See Figure 3-1.

  7. Turn off the system power in this order:

    1. External drives and expansion cabinets (if any)

    2. System AC power switch (see Figure 3-2)

    3. Terminal

For more system administration information on methods for shut-down and backup, see the Preface, "UNIX Commands," for references to documentation that describes these procedures.