Sun Enterprise 3500 System Installation Guide

Reading Boot Messages

Use the boot software messages to verify that all options are installed and recognized by the system. After firmware completes the system self-test, a message similar to the following will appear on your screen. The message lists hardware detected in the system.

Note -

This screen display is an example only. The actual message displayed on the screen will depend on the software running on your system.

5-slot Sun Enterprise 3500, Keyboard Present
OpenBoot -.- FCS, --- MB memory installed, Serial #---.
Ethernet address -:-:--:-:--:--, Host ID: ------.

If firmware indicates a hardware problem at this time, refer to the "Troubleshooting" section in the Sun Enterprise 3500 System Reference Manual for further instructions.

Boot the system using the procedure that is appropriate for your operating system. See the Preface "UNIX Commands," for a reference to documentation that describes this procedure.