Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Reading Boot Messages

  1. Use the boot software messages to verify the presence of options in the system.

    After POST completes the system self-test, a message similar to the following will appear on your screen. The message lists hardware detected in the system.

    Note -

    The following screen display is only an example. The actual message displayed on the screen will vary with the software running on the system.

    16-slot Ultra Enterprise 6000, Keyboard Present
    OpenBoot -.- FCS, --- MB memory installed, Serial #---.
    Ethernet address -:-:--:-:--:--, Host ID: ------.

If there is no terminal on this system, check the system status by inspecting LEDs on the front panel. (Figure 11-7 or Figure 11-8).

Figure 11-7 System Status LEDs on the Enterprise 6500/5500 Front Panel


Figure 11-8 Status LEDs on the Enterprise 4500 Front Panel


Table 11-1 summarizes the front panel LED status conditions during and after POST.

Table 11-1 LED Status Indicators




Front panel 

Left or Top LED (green) 

On -- DC power supply is receiving AC current. 

Off -- There is no DC power. 


Middle LED (yellow) 

On flashing-- (first 60 seconds) self-tests are running. 

Off -- (after self-tests end) No hardware failures. 

On -- (after self-tests end) Hardware failure was detected. 


Right or Bottom LED (green) 

Off -- (first 60 seconds) self-tests are running. 

On flashing-- (after self-tests end) System is running. 

Off -- (after self-tests end) System cannot run; repair is needed.