Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Removing the Centerplane

  1. Completely power off the Enterprise system.

    See the power off instructions in Chapter 11, Powering Off and On .

  2. Remove the top bezel.

    See Chapter 12, Preparing for Service, for information on removing this assembly.

  3. Remove the side vents. Push each side vent backwards until it stops. Then lift the vent off the Enterprise system and set it aside.

  4. Remove the top cover.

    1. Locate the four plugs in each corner of the enclosure.

    2. Lift each plug by pushing down in the dotted area.

      This action causes the plug to pop up.

    3. Remove each plug.

    4. Lift up the front of the top cover and slide it backwards approximately 6-10 millimeters. Remove the top cover and set it aside.

  5. Remove all the boards and power supplies.

    See Chapters 3-6 for information on removing the boards and Chapter 7, Power Supplies, for information on removing power supplies.

  6. Loosen the bottom three captive screws securing the media tray to the enclosure.

    Insert a screwdriver in the notch at the top center of the media tray to pull out the tray and separate it from the rear slip connectors (Figure E-12).

    Figure E-17 Removing the media tray


  7. Remove the key switch assembly and the 100/240V fan tray assembly.

    See "Key Switch Assembly" and "Fan Tray Assembly, 100V/240V" for information on removing these assemblies.

  8. Turn over the enclosure and remove the feet on the bottom.

    1. Locate the four feet in each corner of the enclosure.

    2. Unscrew and remove each foot.

  9. Turn the enclosure front side down onto a surface.

  10. Remove the 26 screws around the center of the main chassis.

  11. Lift and remove the rear chassis and set it aside.

  12. Remove the 20 screws that hold the centerplane to the front chassis.

    Note -

    Remember the proper orientation of the centerplane when removing it from the front chassis.

  13. Lift the centerplane out and set it aside.