C H A P T E R  1

Site Planning Checklist

This chapter describes system requirements and the contents of the Sun Fire V1280/Netra 1280 systems shipping package. The chapter contains the following sections:

1.1 System Packaging

Sun Fire V1280/Netra 1280 systems are shipped secured to a wooden pallet by brackets. The system is covered by shock-resistant packaging secured by a corrugated cardboard cover, which itself is secured by unbreakable straps.

Graphics on the outside of the cover illustrate how to remove the cover and associated packaging. No special tools are required.

The modules shipped within the system depend on the configuration ordered.

1.1.1 After Unpacking

The system weighs approximately 236 pounds (107 kg) when fully equipped. A lifting device will be required to lift the system.

Ensure that doorways, corridors, and aisles are wide enough and high enough to accommodate the system while it is being moved by the lifting device.

1.2 Site Planning Checklist

1.2.1 Training

1.2.2 System Components

1.2.3 Physical Specifications

1.2.4 Environmental Requirements

1.2.5 Facility Power Requirements