FIGURE 2-1 small space Sun Fire V490 Server Front Panel Features

FIGURE 2-2 small spaceFour-Position System Control Switch in Locked Position

FIGURE 2-3 small spaceSun Fire V490 Server Back Panel Features

FIGURE 2-4 small spaceBack Panel External Ports

FIGURE 3-1 small spaceMemory Module Groups A0, A1, B0, B1

FIGURE 3-2 small spacePCI Slots

FIGURE 3-3 small spaceSun System Controller (SC) Card

FIGURE 3-4 small spaceSC Card Ports

FIGURE 3-5 small spaceJumper Identification Guide

FIGURE 3-6 small spaceHardware Jumpers on PCI Riser Board

FIGURE 3-7 small spacePower Supply Locations

FIGURE 3-8 small spaceFan Trays

FIGURE 3-9 small spaceSchematic Views of Two Networks

FIGURE 6-1 small spaceSimplified Schematic View of a Sun Fire V490 System

FIGURE 6-2 small spaceBoot PROM and IDPROM

FIGURE 6-3 small spacePOST Diagnostic Running Across FRUs

FIGURE 6-4 small spaceOpenBoot Diagnostics Interactive Test Menu

FIGURE 10-1 small spaceChoosing a Tool to Isolate Hardware Faults