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Site Planning Guide for Entry-Level Servers Version 1.4

Sun Enterprisetrademark 250 Server

Sun Firetrademark 280R Server

Sun Fire V480 Server

Sun Fire V880 Server

Sun Fire V440 Server

Sun Fire V890 Server






1. Site Preparation

Industry Guidelines for Site Planning

Site Planning Assistance From Sun

Sun Enterprise Installation Services

Sun Environmental Services

Site Planning Considerations

System Configurations

Planning for Maximum System Configurations

Planning for Actual System Configurations

Using System Configuration Data

Data Center Location and Design

Route to the Data Center

2. Environmental Requirements

Operating Specifications


Air Intake Temperatures

Aisle Temperatures

Rate of Change


Troubleshooting Environmental Conditions

Facility Environmental Tests

Equipment Installation Environmental Tests

Equipment Failure Environmental Tests

Cooling and Aisle Airflow

Calculating Cooling Requirements

Measuring Aisle Airflow Speed


Vibration and Shock


Fire Containment

3. Rackmounting the Systems

Cabinet and Rack Terminology

Cabinet Location

Creating a Hot-Aisle/Cold-Aisle Layout

Determining Aisle Clearances

Determining Aisle Pitch

Sun Cabinets

Cabinet, Rack, and Server Dimensions

Rack Units

Other Cabinet and Rack Features

Cabinet Doors and Panels

Load Capacity

EMI and RFI Requirements

Power Sequencers


Tools Required for Rackmounting the Systems

Rackmounting Guidelines

4. System Power and Cooling Requirements

Power Requirements

Power Sources

UPS and Backup Generator


Emergency Power Control

Power Constraints

Power Supplies

PCI Bus Power

Heat Output and Cooling

Chassis Airflow

Units of Measurement

Determining Heat Output and Cooling

Using Rack Location Units to Determine Heat Output and Cooling

5. System Specifications

Shipping Crate Specifications

Physical Specifications

Base System Configurations

Electrical Specifications

Environmental Specifications

Rackmounting Specifications

Sun Cabinet Physical Specifications

6. Site Planning Checklist