TABLE 1-1 small spaceLocating Illustrations and Service Instructions for Netra 240 Server Components

TABLE 1-2 small spaceOptional Components

TABLE 1-3 small spaceSupported PCI Cards

TABLE 1-4 small spaceServer Status Indicators (Front and Rear Panels)

TABLE 1-5 small spaceAlarm Indicators and Dry Contact Alarm States

TABLE 1-6 small spaceHard Drive Indicators

TABLE 1-7 small spaceNetwork Link Indicators

TABLE 1-8 small spaceNetwork Speed Indicators

TABLE 1-9 small spacePower Supply Unit Indicators

TABLE 2-1 small spaceOn/Standby Button Power States, Actions, and Results

TABLE 2-2 small spaceRotary Switch Positions and Server Behaviors

TABLE 2-3 small spaceSystem Control Rotary Switch Functions and Positions

TABLE 5-1 small spaceDIMM Pair Installation Order for a Single-Processor Server

TABLE 5-2 small spaceDIMM Pair Installation Order for a Dual-Processor Server

TABLE 6-1 small spaceDefault Jumper Settings

TABLE A-1 small spaceFront Panel Components

TABLE A-2 small spaceRotating Service Module, Internal and Rear Panel Components

TABLE A-3 small spaceMiscellaneous Internal Components

TABLE B-1 small spaceEthernet Connection Transfer Rates

TABLE B-2 small spaceGigabit Ethernet Port Signals

TABLE B-3 small spaceNetwork Management Connector Signals

TABLE B-4 small spaceDefault Serial Connection Settings

TABLE B-5 small spaceSerial Management RJ-45 Connector Signals

TABLE B-6 small spaceRJ-45 to DB-9 Adapter Crossovers

TABLE B-7 small spaceRJ-45 to DB-25 Adapter Crossovers

TABLE B-8 small spaceSerial Port (10101) Connector Signals

TABLE B-9 small spaceAlarm Connector Signals

TABLE B-10 small spaceUSB Connector Pin Signals

TABLE B-11 small spaceSCSI Port Pin Signals

TABLE C-1 small spaceOpenBoot PROM Configuration Parameters Stored on the System Configuration Card

TABLE D-1 small spacePhysical Specifications of the Netra 240 Server

TABLE D-2 small spaceDC and AC Server Operating and Storage Specifications

TABLE D-3 small spaceDC Operating Power Limits and Ranges

TABLE D-4 small spaceAC Operating Power Limits and Ranges