C H A P T E R  1

Installation Overview

This chapter provides an overview of the tasks necessary to install a Netra CT server. Detailed instructions for each task are provided on the pages specified.


Detailed Instructions

Prepare your site for installation by checking the room and rack spacing, and the power source.

Site Preparation

Mount the chassis in a rack, if necessary.

Mounting the Chassis in a Rack

Connect the grounding cable, if necessary.

To Connect the Grounding Cable

Install the Netra CT server in the chassis, if necessary.

To Unpack a Netra CT Server

Install optional boards, such as satellite CPU or I/O boards.

Installing Additional Boards

Connect the cables to the host CPU board and a host rear transition module.

To Connect Cables to Host Rear Transition Modules (host CPU RTM)

Connect the cables to the alarm card or to the alarm rear transition module.

To Connect Cables to Alarm Rear Transition Module (alarm RTM)

Connect the cables to any additional boards you installed.

To Connect Cables to Satellite or I/O Rear Transition Modules (I/O boards)

Assemble and connect the input power cables to the server.

Assembling and Connecting Input Power Cable

Power on the server.

Powering On a Server

Install the server software.

To Install the Solaris Operating System

Connect any optional external SCSI devices.

To Connect an External SCSI Device