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Sun Netratrademark X4450 Server Product Notes




Sun Netra X4450 Server Product Notes

New Features

Telco Dry-Contact Alarm Port

Watchdog Timers

Pre-Installation Power Calculations

Optional PCI Cards

Features Not Supported in This Release

Supported Operating Systems

procedure iconsmall spaceDownload Patches

System Firmware

Preinstalled and Preloaded Software

Sun Studio – C, C++, Fortran Compilers, and Tools

General Issues

Solaris OS on x86 Platforms

Unexpected SIGTRAP signal causes dbx debugger to hang (CR 6546562)

RTC: x86: signal SIGSEGV if debuggee calls grantpt (CR 6550564)

Use IPMItool Commands to Set or Clear Alarms

Critical Alarm Must Be Reset When Power Is Applied

Hardware and BIOS Issues

BMC Not Responding During BIOS POST

Scripting the SP/BIOS Flash Process

Enable USB Flash Device During Boot

Important Note on Inserting a Hard Disk Drive

Important Note on Opening the Bezel

Power Sources

Surge Protection

Front USB Ports

System Management Issues

Some Virtual USB Flash Devices Do Not Mount in Solaris OS

Solaris Remote Console Session Requires Java Plug-In

procedure iconsmall spaceOpen the javaRKVM.jnlp File as a Non‐Root User

Selecting the Web Interface Time-Out Duration

procedure iconsmall spaceChoose the Web Interface Time-Out Duration

Select Mouse Mode Settings According to Host OS

procedure iconsmall spaceSelect Mouse Mode Settings

Switch Control Between Local Mouse and Host Mouse

Pop-Ups Must Be Enabled to Run Remote Console on Firefox

Remote Console and Virtual Devices on Solaris OS

Virtual Media Considered a USB Device

Enabling Virtual CD-ROM During Boot

procedure iconsmall spaceEnable Virtual CD-ROM During Boot

Remote OS Installation Over a Remote Console Requires Unmount and Remount of the Virtual CD-ROM

OS Installation Stops During a Remount of the CD‐ROM

System Management Browser Issues

Minimum Supported Browsers

Configuring Java Runtime Environment for Each Browser

procedure iconsmall spaceDownload JRE 5 Update 7 for Mozilla and Firefox

Streaming Video and Remote Console

Documentation Errata

Sun Netra X4450 Server Service Manual

NIC Naming and Booting Priority

Jumper Settings

Sun Netra X4450 Server Installation Guide

NEBS Compliance

Hard Drive Identification

Sun Netra X4450 Server Site Planning

Physical Specifications

Clearance for Service Access

Environmental Specifications

AC and DC Power Source Requirements

Additional Power System Information

Changing Sun Servers From AC to DC Input or From DC to AC Input

Agency Compliance Specifications

Operating Environment

Electrical Power

Ambient Temperature

Ambient Relative Humidity

Airflow Considerations

Acoustic Noise Emissions

Calculating Heat Dissipation

NEBS Level 3 Certification