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Sun Fire V20z and Sun Fire V40z Servers--Installation Guide

Installation Guide



1. Hardware Installation and Startup

Installation Overview

User Documentation

Related Documentation

Safety Guidelines

Installing the Server Into a Rack


Notes for the Sun Fire V20z Server

Ethernet Port Labelling

PCI Slot Labelling

Notes for the Sun Fire V40z Server

Ethernet Port Labelling

Daisy-Chaining the Servers

Powering On and Booting the Server

2. Initial Software Configuration

Configuring the Service Processor

Defining SP Network Settings

Assigning SP Network Settings Using DHCP

Assigning Static SP Network Settings

Creating the Initial Manager Account

Creating the Initial Account From a Command Line

Creating the Initial Account From the SM Console

Defining a Name for the Server

Server Management and Platform Software

Network Share Volume Structure

Installing and Mounting the NSV Software

Setting up the Platform Operating System and Drivers