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Sun Fire V20z and Sun Fire V40z Servers--Server Management Guide

Server Management Guide




1. Introduction to the Sun Fire V20z and Sun Fire V40z Servers

Systems Overview

User Documentation


Server Management

Service Processor

Operator Panel

Characteristics of Operator Panel Displays

User Groups


Passwords Files

Systems Management Tasks

Initial Setup of the SP

Task I: Assigning Network Settings to the SP

Task II: Securing the SP

Task III: Enabling IPMI Access on the Server

Task IV: Enabling IPMI LAN Access

Upgrading the Linux Kernel

Site Integration

Daisy-Chaining the Servers

Platform Drivers and Applications

Updating Software

Selecting and Setting Up the File Server

Configuring and Starting the Update Server Application

Identifying Packages for Update

Updating the SP Base Package

Updating the SP Value-Add Package

Updating the BIOS

Updating the Diagnostics

Autoconfiguring the SP

Files Copied During the Autoconfiguration Process

Determining SP and Platform Network MAC Addresses

Systems Management Console Features

Configuring Network Settings

Starting and Stopping the Platform OS

Configuring SMTP Event Notification

Configuring Directory Services

Mapping Directory Service Groups

Creating Keytab Files for ADS

Configuring Date and Time

Configuring SSL

Monitoring System Status

2. IPMI Server Management

Intelligent Platform Management Interface

Baseboard Management Controller


Functional Overview

IPMI Compliance and LAN Channel Access



Lights Out Management

Viewing the IPMI System Event Log

Clearing the IPMI System Event Log

IPMI Troubleshooting

3. SNMP Server Management

Simple Network Management Protocol

SNMP Integration

SNMP Management Information Base

Configuring SNMP on the Servers

Out-of-Band Management Configuration

SNMP Traps

Configuring SNMP Destinations

Server MIB Details

SNMP Troubleshooting

4. Further Management Information

Configuring Scripting Capabilities

Using Shell Scripts

Remote Scripting Using SSH

Configuring Multiple Systems for Scripting

Guidelines for Writing Server Management Command Scripts

Console Redirection Over the Serial Port

Linux-based Server

Solaris-based Server

Enabling and Disabling BIOS Console Redirection

Network Share Volume

Network Share Volume Structure


Enabling or Disabling the SOL Feature on the Server

Starting and Stopping an SOL Session

Escape Sequences for Remote Console Terminal

A. Server Management Commands Summary

Using the ssh Protocol

Interactive Shell on the SP

Preface Text


Return Codes

B. Access Commands

Access Config-Sharing Subcommands

Access Enable Config-Sharing Subcommand

Access Disable Config-Sharing Subcommand

Access Get Config-Sharing Subcommand

Access Group Subcommands

Access Get Group Subcommand

Access Get Groups Subcommand

Access Map Subcommands

Access Get Map Subcommand

Access Map Subcommand

Access Unmap Subcommand

Access Directory Services Subcommands

Access Disable Service Subcommand

Access Enable Service Subcommand

Access Get Services Subcommand

Access Trust Subcommands

Access Add Trust Subcommand

Access Delete Trust Subcommand

Access Get Trusts Subcommand

Access Public Key Subcommands

Access Add Public Key Subcommand

Access Get Public Key Users Subcommand

Access Delete Public Key Subcommand

Access User Subcommands

Access Add User Subcommand

Access Delete User Subcommand

Access Get Users Subcommand

Access Update Password Subcommand

Access Update User Subcommand

C. Diagnostics Commands

Diags Cancel Tests Subcommand

Diags Get Modules Subcommand

Diags Get State Subcommand

Diags Get Tests Subcommand

Diags Run Tests Subcommand

Diags Start Subcommand

Diags Terminate Subcommand

D. Inventory Commands

Inventory Compare Versions Subcommand

Inventory Get Hardware Subcommand

Inventory Get Software Subcommand

Inventory Get Remote-Software Subcommand

Inventory Get All Subcommand

E. IPMI Commands

IPMI Disable Channel Subcommand

IPMI Enable Channel Subcommand

IPMI Disable PEF Subcommand

IPMI Enable PEF Subcommand

IPMI Get Channels Subcommand

IPMI Get Global Enables Subcommand

IPMI Get Sel Subcommand

IPMI Clear Sel Subcommand

IPMI Set Global Enable Subcommand

IPMI Reset Subcommand

F. Platform Commands

Platform Console Subcommands

Platform Console Subcommand

Platform Get Console Subcommand

Platform Set Console Subcommand

Platform OS State Subcommands

Platform Get OS State Subcommand

Platform Set OS State Subcommands

Platform Power State Subcommands

Platform Get Power State Subcommand

Platform Set Power State Subcommand

Platform Get Hostname Subcommand

Platform Get MAC Subcommand

Platform Get Product-ID Subcommand

G. Sensor Commands

Sensor Subcommands

Sensor Get Subcommand

Sensor Set Subcommand

H. Service Processor Commands

SP Date Subcommands

SP Get Date Subcommand

SP Set Date Subcommand

SP DNS Subcommands

SP Disable DNS Subcommand

SP Enable DNS Subcommand

SP Get DNS Subcommand

SP Events Subcommands

SP Delete Event Subcommand

SP Get Events Subcommand

SP Hostname Subcommands

SP Get Hostname Subcommand

SP Set Hostname Subcommand

SP IP Subcommands

SP Get IP Subcommand

SP Set IP Subcommand

SP JNET Address Subcommands

SP Get JNET Subcommand

SP Set JNET Subcommand

SP Locatelight Subcommands

SP Get Locatelight Subcommand

SP Set Locatelight Subcommand

SP Logfile Subcommands

SP Get Logfile Subcommand

SP Set Logfile Subcommand

SP Miscellaneous Subcommands

SP Create Test Events Subcommand

SP Get MAC Address Subcommand

SP Get Port 80 Subcommand

SP Autoconfigure Subcommand

SP Get Status Subcommand

SP Get TDULog Subcommand

SP Reboot Subcommand

SP Reset Subcommand

SP Mount Subcommands

SP Add Mount Subcommand

SP Delete Mount Subcommand

SP Get Mount Subcommand

SP SMTP Subcommands

SP Get SMTP Server Subcommand

SP Set SMTP Server Subcommand

SP Get SMTP Subscribers Subcommand

SP Update SMTP Subscriber Subcommand

SP SNMP Subcommands

SP Add SNMP-Destination Subcommand

SP Delete SNMP-Destination Subcommand

SP Get SNMP-Destinations Subcommand

SP Get SNMP Proxy Community Subcommand

SP Set SNMP Proxy Community Subcommand

SP Get SNMP Community Subcommand

SP Set SNMP Community Subcommand

SP SSH1 Subcommands

SP Disable SSH1

SP Enable SSH1



SP SSL Subcommands

SP Disable SSL-Required Subcommand

SP Enable SSL-Required Subcommand

SP Get SSL Subcommand

SP Set SSL Subcommand

SP Update Subcommands

SP Update Flash All Subcommand

SP Update Flash Applications Subcommand

SP Update Diags Subcommand