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Sun Fire V20z and Sun Fire V40z Servers Troubleshooting Techniques and Diagnostics Guide

Troubleshooting Techniques and Diagnostics Guide




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Using UNIX Commands

Typographic Conventions

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1. Preventive Maintenance

Guidelines for Success

Managing Change

Visually Inspecting Your System

External Visual Inspection

Internal Visual Inspection

Troubleshooting Dump Utility

2. Diagnostics

SP-based Diagnostics

How to Start SP-based Diagnostics

CD-Based Diagnostics

Installing and Running CD-Based Diagnostics

BIOS Version and Later

Earlier BIOS Versions

Installation of CD-Based Diagnostics

Running CD-Based Diagnostics from the Options Menu

Menu Options 11

Remote Access to CD-Based Diagnostics

Available Diagnostics Tests and Modules

Running Diagnostic Tests

Test Results

Sample Output

Saving Test Results

SP-based Diagnostics

CD-Based Diagnostics Tests

Stopping Tests

3. Troubleshooting Topics


BIOS Error or Warning Events


Boot Issues

Clear CMOS Jumper

DIMM Faults

ECC Errors


Lights, LCD, LED

Log Files

Machine Check Error

Network Connectivity

Network Share Volume

Operating System

Operator Panel

Illuminated, Readable Text, Non-working Buttons

Illuminated, Unreadable Text

Illuminated, No Text

No Illumination

PCI or PCI-X Hot-plugs

Platform OS Does not Boot

PPCBoot - Bad CRC Error

Restore Default Settings

SCSI Configuration Utility

RAID Properties Menu Item Disabled

IM Volume Uses Extra SCSI ID

Configuration Utility Disables Selection of Disk

Service Processor

`Booting SP . . . ' Displays on Operator Panel

Continuous Boot of SP

Failure to Boot

Via the SP

Via a PC Attached to the Serial Port

Failure to Boot after Downgrade

Failure to Retain User Accounts and Settings

Mount to Network Share Volume

Persistent Storage Issues

SSH Script Hangs

Update Failed

System Events

Thermal Trip Events

VRM Crowbar Assertions

A. Diags Test Results

Test Descriptions


Voltage Trimming

Voltage Read

Test Results

Non-Trim Voltage Passed

Trim Voltage Passed

Voltage Exceeds Limit Failure

Hardware Failure


Fan Controller Programming

Test Results

Fans Passed

High Speed Failure

Low Speed Failure


March Test

RandAddr Test

Retention Test

Test Results

Memory Tests Passed

Service Failure

ECC Failure

BIOS Setting Failure


Test Results

NIC Passed

Service Failure

Link Down Failure

Link Setting Mismatch Failure

Link Status Unknown Failure

Loopback Failure

Write Failure

Read Failure

Comparison Failure


Test Results

Storage Passed

Device Does Not Recognize Self-test Command Failure

Device Cannot Process Self-test Command Failure

Self-test Failure

Self-test Corruption Failure

Flash Memory

Test Results

Flash Memory Passed

Open System Failure

Read System Failure

Access Device Failure

Write System Failure

Erase Failure

Magic Number Failure

Data Comparison Failure


Test Results

LED Passed

Device Not Present Warning

Read Failure

Write Failure


Test Results

Temperature Passed

Reading Exceeds Warning Threshold Passed

Device Not Present Warning

Read Failure

Reading Exceeds Critical Threshold Failure

Operator Panel

Test Results

OpPanel Passed

Read Failure

Write Failure

Data Comparison Failure

Power Supply

Test Results

Power Passed

Power Good Failure

Read Failure

B. System Events

Event Details

C. POST Codes

POST Codes for Phoenix BIOS

POST Codes for Boot Block in Flash ROM

D. Glossary