A P P E N D I X  B

Status Indicator LEDs

This appendix contains information about the locations and behavior of the LEDs on the server. It describes the external LEDs that can be viewed on the outside of the server and the internal LEDs that can be viewed only with the main cover removed.

External Status Indicator LEDs

See the following figures and tables for information about the LEDs that are viewable on the outside of the server.

Front Panel LEDs

FIGURE B-1 Front Panel LEDs (X4140 shown)

Figure Legend


Locator LED/Locator button: White


Rear PS LED: (Amber) Power supply fault


Service Required LED: Amber


System Over Temperature LED: (Amber)


Power/OK LED: Green


Top Fan LED: (Amber) Service action required on fan(s)

Back Panel LEDs

FIGURE B-2 Back Panel LEDs (X4140 shown)

Figure Legend


Power Supply LEDs:


Service Required LED


Power Supply OK: Green


Power OK LED


Power Supply Fail: Amber


Ethernet Port LEDs


AC OK: Green


Left side: Green indicates link activity.


Locator LED Button


Right side:




Green indicates link activity




Amber indicates link is operating at less than maximum speed.

Hard Drive LEDs

FIGURE B-3 Hard Drive LEDs

Figure Legend


Ready to remove LED: Blue - Service action is allowed


Fault LED: Amber - Service action is required


Status LED: Green - Blinks when data is being transferred

Internal Status Indicator LEDs

The server has internal status indicators on the motherboard, and on the mezzanine board. For motherboard locations, see FIGURE B-4. For mezzanine board locations, see FIGURE B-5.

When you press the Press to See Fault button, if there is a problem with a DIMM, the corresponding DIMM Fault LED flashes. See DIMM Fault LEDs for details.

When you press the Press to See Fault button, if there is a problem with a CPU, the corresponding CPU Fault LED flashes.

Note - The DIMM Fault and Motherboard Fault LEDs operate on stored power for up to a minute when the system is powered down, even after the AC power is disconnected, and the motherboard (or mezzanine board) is out of the system. The stored power lasts for about half an hour.

Note - The mezzanine board, when present, obscures part of the motherboard, including the LEDs. The Motherboard Fault LED indicates that one or more of the LEDs on the motherboard is active.

FIGURE B-4 DIMMs and LEDs on Motherboard

Graphic showing motherboard DIMMs and LEDs.

FIGURE B-5 DIMMs and LEDs on Mezzanine Board

Graphic showing mezzanine board DIMMs and LEDs.[ D ]