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Sun Fire X4600 Server Product Notes




1. Introduction


Solaris 10 Operating System

Sun Java Enterprise System

Sun xVM Ops Center

MegaRAID Storage Manager

LSI SNMP Utility

Diagnosing Server Problems With the Bootable Diagnostics CD-ROM

2. Firmware and BIOS Issues

Service Processor Issues

Current Issues

SunCFG ILOM Options Cause System to Hang (6604690)

Service Processor Does Not Log Event or Provide Visual Alert After Hard Disk Is Removed (6306536)

Recovery For Accidentally Flashing Wrong Platform Firmware on Sun Fire X4600 Server

Unimplemented Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Traps (6300437)

Some MIBs Not Handled (6255301)

Restart Web Browser or Remove Cookies When Downgrading from ILOM SW 1.1.1 to SW 1.0 (6477949)

Resolved Issues

Unable to Set Multiple Properties in a Single Command (6554513)

System Powers Off During Reboot After Thermal Shutdown (6494327)

CLI Cannot Set ntp Server Address to Some IP Addresses (6543859)

Cannot Set Syslog IP Address When Zeros Are Used (6547470)

Wrong DIMM Fault LEDs Might Light After DIMM Error (6403209)

ILOM CLI Queries of Blinking LEDs Return Asserted or Deasserted State As LED Blinks On and Off (6417946)

ILOM GUI Does Not Show Correct Locate LED Status and Cannot Be Used to Turn Locate LED Off (6394706)

Misleading Error Messages when SNMP User Is Deleted (6284706)

Incorrect sysUpTime (6295609)

ILOM1.1.1 JavaRConsole Will Not Launch (6494290)

Cannot Log In to Service Processor With 16-Character Passwords Using ILOM Web GUI or CLI (6286187)

Hardware Component Data Reported by ILOM CLI Is Inconsistent With Data Reported by IPMItool (6371317)

BIOS Issues

Current Issues

Upgrade Past Software 1.3a Causes Device Enumeration For PCI Slots 5, 6, and 7 to Change (6719935)

Option ROM Space For PXE Booting Can Be Exhausted Before All Devices Can Be Scanned (6453144, 6403173, 6272514, 6393809, 6439856, 6462303)

Twelve-Boot-Device Limitation Can Be Exceeded Before All Devices Can Be Scanned By BIOS (6268877, 6439856)

Hard Disk Drive Order Changes in BIOS Settings After Installing or Removing HBA Card (6308569, 6450677)

Resolved Issues

BIOS Does Not Display System Serial Number (6522165)

LSI Firmware Issues

Current Issues

RAID Volume Requires 64 Mbytes of Unpartitioned Hard-Disk Space for Metadata (6312581)

Disk Resynchronization Restarts If Rebooted During Resynchronization (6507546)

3. Software Issues

Solaris Operating System Issues

Current Issues

X7280A Gigabit Ethernet Controller Causes Solaris Fault Management Error

Resolved Issues

Solaris 10 Installation From CD Media Hangs When Second Disc Inserted (6374024)

AMD Erratum 131 Warning Message Can Be Safely Ignored During OS Startup (6438926)

Linux Operating System Issues

Current Issues

RHEL 4.4 Panics After BIOS Upgrade

Sun StorageTek PCI-E Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA Prevents SLES10 From Booting from Internal Disk (6707074)

Drivers Not Available for RHEL5 (6542146)

Idle CPUs Not Running at Minimum Speed (6551339)

MSM Does Not Start (6609312)

Mismatch Error on RHEL4 U3 When X Windows Server Starts Up (6459079)

PCI Hotplug and Hotswap Capabilities not Supported (6357475)

RHEL4 U2 and U3 CD/DVD-ROM Packet Command Errors Caused by No Drive Tray (6397835, 6461354)

Ignorable Message, event field not found, Received When Booting the GUI in RHEL4 U2, RHEL4 U3, and SLES9-SP3 (6396561, 6404681)

RHEL3_U9: Bad Support for USB 2.0 (6571085)

RHEL4 U3 Does Not Support USB 2.0 (6396407)

Add-In Ethernet Cards Might Appear as devXXXX to Red Hat Linux (6406618)

RHEL4 NMI Watchdog Timer Must Be Disabled In Servers With BIOS 38 (6486170)

RHEL4 U4 Lost Timer Ticks Messages Can Be Safely Ignored (6481870, 6486383)

Boot-Up ACPI Error Message for SLES9 SP3: Incorrect Return Object Type (6461361)

Duplicate Boot-Up Messages for Floppy Driver for SLES9 SP3 (6461350)

Error Message: Not a Capable Intel Processor for SLES9 SP3 (6461373)

SLES9 SP3 Graphical Mode Installation Displays not enough memory Message (6368933)

Warning Message Received When cdrecord -scanbus Command Is Issued on SLES9 SP3 (6461376)

Cannot Create 128 GB Swap Partition During SLES9 SP3 Installation (6480937)

Resolved Issues

PCI Gigabit Ethernet Driver Cannot Be Installed (6592540)

Disabling the RHEL4 NMI Watchdog Might Improve Performance In Servers With BIOS Earlier Than BIOS 38 (6428863)

VMware ESX Server Issues

Current Issues

ESX Server Message, invalid vmkernel id, Indicates Networking Failure (6471417)

ESX Server Message, Unexpected IO-APIC error Can Be Safely Ignored (6471408)

ESX Server Dmesg Log Message, BIOS reporting unknown devices, Can Be Safely Ignored (6480821)

ESX Server Message, Syncing Hardware Clock to System Time [Failed], Can Be Safely Ignored (6473366)

ESX Server Message, Unable to get COS default route, Indicates That Default Route IP Address is Undefined (6486375)

ESX Server Message, Inquiry EVPD Device ID Failed, Can Be Safely Ignored (6473372)

ESX Server Does Not Virtualize the BMC Interface (6535312)

Resolved Issues

Cannot Boot VMware ESX Server 3.0.1 With Ultra320 SCSI HBA Installed (6520589)

Utilities Issues

Current Issues

Cfggen Does Not Show Correct Synchronization Progress (6600993)

Cfggen Does Not Show Correct LSI MPT BIOS Version (6600458)

MSM Utilities Might Show Incorrect Disk Drive Count After Drive Inserted or Removed (6522536)

MSM Might Not Update Status Log When Disk Removed

Cannot Create Test Schedule in Sun VTS 6.4

Meter Button in Bootable Diagnostics CD, Version 2.1f Does Not Work (6465167)

BMC Test Fails When Running SunVTS 6.2 Bootable Diagnostics CD (6449785)

Resolved Issues

MSM Client Cannot Find Servers On Different Subnet (6533271)

Windows Server 2003 Operating System Issues

Current Issues

Copying Large File To or From USB Device Can Cause Reboot (6707305)

Windows Utility mkfloppy.exe Does Not Select Correct Floppy Drive If More Than One Floppy Drive Is Present

4. Hardware Notes and Issues

Current Issues

Cannot Boot From Local Disk With Sun Multithreaded 10 GbE Card in Slot 2, 3, or 4 (6711405)

Spontaneous Reboot With “OEM 0#x12 SEL” Messages and No Memory Errors (6652566)

Hard Disk Drive Surfaces Might Be Hot During Operation and Removal (6483742)

Heatsinks and Fans Can Become Clogged

System Does Not Power Up If Different Part Numbers of Micron 1 GB DIMMs Are Installed (6480932)

System Fans Take One or More Minutes to Slow Down After Initial Power On

When Inserting Disks Into DVD-ROM Drive, Label Side Must Face Left

Resolved Issues

Service Processor Incorrectly Indicates Power Supply Fault After Shutdown (6516944)