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Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server Product Notes

Product Notes




1. Introduction


Windows Server 2003 R2 Operating System

Initial Setup of the Factory-Installed Windows Server 2003 R2 Operating System

Recovering the Windows Server 2003 Operating System

Solaris 10 Operating System

Sun Java Enterprise System

Sun xVM Ops Center

MegaRAID Storage Manager

Diagnosing Server Problems With the Bootable Diagnostics CD-ROM


2. Firmware and BIOS Issues

Service Processor Firmware Issues

Use -f Option To Upgrade ILOM when Updating Firmware

OEM Error Messages In ILOM Logs (6608347)

Mouse Pointers Out of Sync on Windows 2003 at High Resolution (6669368)

Special Character in FTP Password Disables Snapshot Feature (6674741)

Service Processor Does Not Log Event or Provide Visual Alert After Hard Disk Is Removed

Recovery For Accidentally Flashing Wrong Platform Firmware on Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server

procedure iconsmall spaceRecovery Steps

Unimplemented Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Traps (6300437)

SNMP Agent Does Not Handle All SETs (6255301)

Resolved Service Processor Issues

SP Does Not Automatically Notify User When SSL Certificate is Updated (6476473)

procedure iconsmall spaceWorkaround

Web Interface Hangs After Change to Network Settings (6496326)

Service Processor Incorrectly Indicates Power Supply Fault After Shutdown (6516944)

JavaRConsole Does Not Notify User Of SP Disconnect Right Away (6487885)

System Hangs During POST (6618895)

Cannot Set Syslog IP Address When Zeros Are Used (6547470)

Unable to Set Multiple Properties in a Single Command (6544145)

CLI Cannot Set ntp Server Address to Some IP Addresses (6543859)

Uploading SSL Certificate Without the Key Causes Port 443 to Not Open (6550394)

CLI Sessions Can Lose Data Due to TFTP Timeout (6544091)

Reported Fan Speed is Always Non-Zero, Even When Fan Has Failed or Been Removed (6493168)

System Powers Off During Reboot After Thermal Shutdown (6494327)

Web Interface Power Supply Alert Doesn’t Work (6494817)

Web Interface Hangs After Changing SP’s IP Address (6496327)

Cannot Set ipgateway to (6675084)

Web Interface May Be Temporarily Unavailable after Changing Network Settings (6669412)

Cannot Start Services (6544951)

Control Keys to Host Console via ILOM CLI During POST Scan of Onboard NIC Can Hang System (6767733)

BIOS Issues

Upgrade Past Software 2.2 Causes Device Enumeration For PCI Slots 5, 6, and 7 to Change (6719935)

Cannot Boot From Internal Disk With Sun Multithreaded 10 GbE Card in Slot 2, 3, or 4 (6711405, 6764001)

Erroneous Report that PowerNow! Not Supported (6768326)

Abnormal and Intermittent Delays on Boot on 6P and 8P Systems (6734988)

Option ROM Space For PXE Booting Can Be Exhausted Before All Devices Can Be Scanned (6453144, 6403173, 6272514, 6393809, 6439856, 6462303)

procedure iconsmall spaceOption 1

procedure iconsmall spaceOption 2

Twelve-Boot-Device Limitation Can Be Exceeded Before All Devices Can Be Scanned By BIOS (6268877, 6439856)

procedure iconsmall spaceOption 1

procedure iconsmall spaceOption 2

Resolved BIOS Issues

Quad-Core System Won’t Boot When Hypertransport Coherent Link Widths Are Set To 2 Bits (6710259)

IO Address Conflict (6540138)

Uncorrected ECC Error Reported on Wrong DIMM Pair on 8-DIMM CPU Module (6509975)

Random Panics Might Occur When HPET Timer is Enabled (6478355)

procedure iconsmall spaceWorkaround

LSI Firmware Issues

The following are current issues.

Error Message After Disk Swap (6766054)

RAID Volume Requires 64 Mbytes of Unpartitioned Hard-Disk Space for Metadata (6312581)

3. Software Issues

VMware ESX and VMware ESXi Issues

Incorrect CPU Family Reported in ESX/ESXi 4.0 (6843753)

Network Interface Enumeration Changes After Fibre Channel HBA Installed (6541032)

8-GB DIMMs Not Supported with 3.5 U1

Error Messages With Little or No Impact (6486386)

Solaris Operating System Issues

The following are current issues.

How to Identify Physical PCI Slots in the Solaris OS

Error Message Is Displayed With Solaris 10 5/09 and Certain Adapter Cards (6838860)

Limited Support for PCI Express Cards (6879524)

Can’t Install Solaris OS under VMware with More Than 2 Virtual NICs

Solaris 10 OS Driver Does Not Work for Infiniband HCA (6732922)

Solaris OS Under VMware ESX Needs 1 GB (6551715, 6548384)

Resolved Solaris Issues

Patch Required to Prevent Data Corruption (6490454)

AMD Erratum 131 Warning Message Can Be Safely Ignored During Solaris OS Startup (6438926, 6447850)

Solaris OS Can Hang or Panic During Lengthy Boot (6548176)

Solaris OS Supports a Maximum of 21 Cores on x64 System (5081104)

Linux Operating System Issues

SAS Driver Behavior (6572673)

Logs for Red Hat OS Installation Using SIA Are Not Available (6812783)

SLES9 SP4 Might Not Boot After Installation on Quad-Core Systems (6717129)

RHEL 4.4 Panics After BIOS Upgrade (6709421)

RHEL 5 Systems Likely to Enumerate PCI-E Ethernet Ports First (6758623)

Storage Device Connected By USB 2.0 Cannot Be Used to Install RHEL3U9 (6583814)

Limited Memory Support for RHEL 5U1, 4U6, and 3U9 (6733868)

Xen-Enabled RHEL 5U1 Hangs (6544259)

CPU Frequency Not Lowered On Idle (6551339)

SIA Install of RHEL5.1 Fails (6681828)

Virtual Floppy and DVD Not Detected (6570949)

Mismatch Error on RHEL4 U3 When X Windows Server Starts Up (6459079)

Ignorable Error Message Received When Using USB 1.1 With Certain Linux Platforms (6396561)

RHEL4 U3 Does Not Support USB 2.0 (6396407)

procedure iconsmall spaceWorkaround

RHEL4 U4 Lost Timer Ticks Messages Can Be Safely Ignored (6483062)

RHEL4 U3/U4 CD/DVD-ROM Packet Command Errors Caused by Trayless Drive (6397835, 6461354)

Ignorable Error Message Received When Booting the GUI in RHEL4 U3/U4 and SLES9 SP3 (6396561)

Cannot Create 128 GB Swap Partition During SLES9 SP3 Installation (6480937)

procedure iconsmall spaceWorkaround

Boot-Up ACPI Error Message for SLES9 SP3: Incorrect Return Object Type (6461361)

Duplicate Boot-Up Messages for Floppy Driver for SLES9 SP3 (6461350)

Error Message: Not a Capable Intel Processor for SLES9 SP3 (6461373)

SLES9 SP3 Graphical Mode Installation Displays not enough memory Message (6368933)

Warning Message Received When cdrecord-scanbus Command Is Issued on SLES9 SP3 (6461376)

PowerNow Not Enabled by Default on RHEL4U4 32-Bit (6514403)

Hot-Plugging USB Devices Gives Floppy Warning Message on RHEL3 (6514341)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 U5 (64-bit): Ignore Keyboard Reset Failed Message (6513780)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 U8 (64-bit) Gives Kernel Error Messages About IRQs for PCI devices (6513776)

Front Panel USB Ports Disabled When Running SLES10_64bit (6516732)

SLES10 Might Crash While Recovering from Error in SCSI Bus or Device (6520854)

Option Card Drivers Not Available for RHEL5 (6542146)

Resolved Linux Issues

HBAs Require Updated Drivers for SLES9SP3 (6655761)

Two Network Cards Not Supported (6675974)

Sync Flood Errors While Installing RHEL5.1 as Xen Guest (6692466)

RAID Driver Not Installed on RHEL4U4 (6551425)

procedure iconsmall spaceWorkaround

MSM Not Supported for RHEL5 64-Bit (6551781)

Error Messages When LSI SNMP Agent Stopped on SLES10 (6546725)

RHEL 5 Filesystem Becomes Read-Only When RAID Disk is Pulled (6543466)

RHEL Error Messages Relating to mptscsi (6532534)

RHEL4 U3: LSI Hardware RAID Does Not Work With LVM-Partitioned Drives (6450742)

POST Does Not Complete With Emulex LPe11002 HBA Card (6480975)

Sun VTS Diagnostics Issues

VTS Might Require Login and Password (6732215)

Meter Button in Bootable Diagnostics CD, Version 2.1f Does Not Work (6465167)

Utilities Issues

The following are current issues.

Loading Saved Configuration File Hangs MSM under Windows OS (6713250)

MSM Might Not Update Status Log When Disk Removed

Resolved Utilities Issues

Cfggen Does Not Show Correct Synchronization Progress (6600993)

MSM Client Cannot Find Servers On Different Subnet (6533271)

MSM Utilities Might Show Incorrect Disk Drive Count After Drive Inserted or Removed (6522536)

procedure iconsmall spaceWorkaround

Windows Operating System Issues

Intel Team Suite Can’t Be Installed on Windows 2008 SP2 and Windows 2008 R2 Platforms (6907769)

On-Board Network Ports Cannot Be Used to Initiate Teaming in Windows Server 2008 R2 (6868558)

procedure iconsmall spaceWorkaround

Copying Large File To or From USB Device Can Cause Reboot (6707305)

Continuous Reboots with Sun StorageTek SAS RAID HBA External (6774215)

procedure iconsmall spaceWorkaround

Patch May Be Required To See All Cores (6685074)

Preinstalled Windows Server 2003 R2

Windows Utility mkfloppy.exe Does Not Select Correct Floppy Drive If More Than One Floppy Drive Is Present

Resolved Windows Issues

InstallPack fails to install Windows 2008 Packages (6705083)

4. Hardware Issues

Systems with Mixed Dual- and Quad-Core CPUs Require 950W Power Supply (6729680)

Power Redundancy is Reduced on Fully Loaded System with 120W CPUs (6724117)

DIMM Numbering Shown in Diagnostics Guide is Incorrect

Support Added For 2-Socket and 6-Socket Configurations (6846538)

Newer CPLD Improves Power Supply Redundancy (6738256)

Mixing DIMMs Impacts Memory Performance

Enhanced Quad-Core: Sync Flood Error Before POST (6772148)

Quad-Core Systems with 1 GB DIMMs Not Tested or Supported

Spontaneous Reboot With “OEM 0#x12 SEL” Messages and No Memory Errors (6652566)

procedure iconsmall spaceRemedial Steps

System Does Not Boot With 6 QGE Cards (6555627)

Mouse and Keyboard Hang During Stress Test (6499312)

USB Ports Become Disabled (6424279)

Resolved Hardware Issues

System Panics Under Heavy I/O Workload (6544011)