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Sun Blade 1500 Getting Started Guide







1. Setting Up the Sun Blade 1500 Workstation

Safety and Compliance Information

Planning the Installation Process

Unpacking the Workstation

Front Panel Overview

Back Panel Overview

Cabling the Workstation

USB Cable Length

Powering On the Workstation

Powering Off the Workstation

2. Setting Up the Preinstalled Solaris Operating System Software

Planning the Installation Process for the Solaris Operating System

Setting Up Your Operating System

Sun Install Check

Downloading Sun Install Check

Power Management Features

Putting the Workstation Into Low-Power Mode

Activating the Workstation From Low-Power Mode

3. Getting Started With the Additional Preinstalled Software

Solaris Documentation

Sun Blade 1500 Workstation Hardware Documentation

Documentation on the Hard Drive

Documentation on CD

Viewing ShowMe How Video Animations


Getting Started With Mozilla

Solstice DiskSuite and Volume Manager

Getting Started With Solstice DiskSuite on the Solaris 8 Operating System

Getting Started With Volume Manager on the Solaris 9 Operating System

Common Desktop Environment (CDE)

GNOME Desktop Environment

Getting Started With GNOME

Apache Server

Getting Started With Apache Server

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Getting Started With Adobe Acrobat Reader

Sun ONE Grid Engine


Getting Started With StarOffice

Sun ONE Studio

Getting Started With Sun ONE Studio


Getting Started With Perl

Development Tools for the Java Platform


Getting Started With JMStudio


Getting Started With SunForum

Restoring Preinstalled Software

Restoring the Solaris Preinstalled Software

Restoring the Sun Blade 1500 Workstation Documentation

Reinstalling Other Software

Reinstalling StarOffice Software

Reinstalling Mozilla

Backing Up the Preinstalled Image to Another Hard Drive

Hard Drive Mirroring

Solaris 8

Solaris 9

4. Troubleshooting and Technical Support

Troubleshooting the Sun Blade 1500 Workstation

How to Get Technical Assistance