C H A P T E R  1

Introduction to the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Hardware

This chapter provides an overview of the Sun Ultra 24 workstation hardware.

This chapter includes the following sections:

1.1 Planning the Installation Process

Use the following flowchart as a process tool to assist you with installation of the Sun Ultra 24 workstation.

FIGURE 1-1 Process for Setting Up the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation

Flowchart showing the installation process that is documented in this guide.


1.2 Inventorying Package Contents

Carefully unpack all workstation components from the packing cartons. The following items are contained in the package.

TABLE 1-1 Items Included in the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Box


  • Sun Ultra 24 workstation


  • DMS-59 cable
    (if the workstation is configured with an NVS290 graphics card)


  • Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Installation Guide
    (this document)
  • Where to Find Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Documentation
    (lists available online documents for this product)
  • Sun safety, warranty, and license documents


  • Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Tools and Drivers DVD
    (includes drivers and diagnostics software)

If you ordered an optional country kit, the kit ships in a separate package and includes a power cable, keyboard, and mouse.

Note - Use only a Type 7 keyboard and mouse with the Sun Ultra 24 workstation.

1.3 Front Panel

TABLE 1-2 lists the front panel components of the Sun Ultra 24 workstation. See FIGURE 1-2 for the location of these components.

TABLE 1-2 Front Panel Components






Power button


Two USB 2.0 ports


Power LED


Microphone-in jack


Two 1394 ports


Headphone-out jack

FIGURE 1-2 Front Panel Components

Figure showing the front panel of the Sun Ultra 24 workstation. The following table describes the front panel components, numbered left to right.

1.4 Back Panel

TABLE 1-3 lists the Sun Ultra 24 workstation back panel components. These components are called out in FIGURE 1-3.

TABLE 1-3 Back Panel Components






Power connector


One Ethernet connector


Power switch


Cover plate, no slot


Front audio connector (green)


PCI Express x16 slot


Line-in jack (blue)


PCI Express x1 slot


Microphone jack (pink)


PCI 33 MHz 32-bit slot


Side audio connector (gray)


PCI Express x16 slot


Back audio connector (black)


PCI 33 MHz 32-bit slot


Center audio connector (orange)


PCI E x8 mechanical slot (x4 electrical)


Four USB 2.0 connectors


Thumbscrews (for side cover)

FIGURE 1-3 Back Panel Components

 Figure showing the back panel of the Sun Ultra 24 workstation. The following table describes the back panel components, numbered top to bottom.

1.5 Interior Components

TABLE 1-4 lists the interior components of the Sun Ultra 24 workstation. See FIGURE 1-4 for the location of these components.

For further information about PCI slots, see Section C.3.3, PCI-E and PCI Expansion Slots. For component installation, removal, and replacement procedures, see the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Service Manual.

TABLE 1-4 Internal System Components






Power supply


PCI slots 0,1


Memory (DIMMs)


PCI-E slot 3 (x8 mechanical, x4 electrical)


System fan


DVD release lever


Empty slot


I/O board release thumbscrew


PCI-E slot 0 (x16)


System serial number


PCI-E slot 1 (x1)


Hard drive bays (1 to 4)


PCI-E slot 2 (x16)



FIGURE 1-4 Internal System Components Internal System Components

Figure showing the inside components, numbered and labelled as in the table below.

1.6 Connecting External Devices to the Workstation

FIGURE 1-5 illustrates the external device cable connections to the workstation.

FIGURE 1-5 External Cable Connections

Figure showing cable connections for the Sun Ultra 24 workstation

procedure icon  To Connect External Devices to the Workstation

1. Connect the workstation power cord to a grounded electrical outlet.

2. Connect the keyboard to a USB connector on the back or front panel.

3. Connect the mouse to the USB connector on the underside of the keyboard or to a USB connector on the front or back panel.

4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Sun Ultra 24 workstation, and connect the other end of the cable to an Ethernet RJ-45 jack.

5. If a PCI Express graphics card is installed in the top PCI-E slot, connect the monitor to the graphics card connector. See the bottom of FIGURE 1-6.

Note - Your graphics card might require a DVI cable to connect to your monitor.

FIGURE 1-6 Connecting the Monitor to the System

Figure showing two systems, top has monitor connected to onboard video connector, bottom shows monitor connected to a graphics card in the PCI Express slot.

6. Connect any additional external devices to the workstation’s other connectors.

1.7 Powering the Workstation On and Off

This section contains instructions for properly powering the workstation on and off. Always use the following power procedures for your workstation.

procedure icon  To Power On the Workstation

1. Turn on the power to the monitor and to all external devices.

2. Turn the power switch on the back of the workstation to the On ( | ) position.

3. Press and release the power switch on the front panel.

4. After several seconds, verify that the Power LED next to the power switch is lit.

The Power LED lights after the workstation begins the internal booting process.

5. If you need to change the system parameters in the BIOS, press the F8 key during the POST process to access the BIOS Setup Utility.

caution icon Caution - Be careful when making changes to the system BIOS, as some changes can cause your system to malfunction.

procedure icon  To Power Off the Workstation

1. Save your data and close any open applications.

2. Read both of the following power-off options, and then follow one of the options to turn off the workstation.

caution icon Caution - To avoid data loss, use the first option whenever possible.

If the proceeding options do not power off the workstation, turn the power switch on the back panel to the Off ( 0 ) position.

After powering off the workstation, wait at least four seconds before powering on the workstation again.

1.8 Adding and Removing Devices To and From the Boot Menu

The boot menu lists the devices from which the system can boot. If you want to boot from a newly installed or attached device, you must add it to the boot menu.

procedure icon  To Add and Remove Devices To and From the Boot Menu

1. Press the F2 key during system boot.

The BIOS Setup screen appears.

2. In the Boot Settings menu, add the device to, or remove them from, the boot device list.

3. Press the F10 key to save your settings and exit.