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Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Installation Guide




1. Introduction to the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Hardware

1.1 Planning the Installation Process

1.2 Inventorying Package Contents

1.3 Front Panel

1.4 Back Panel

1.5 Interior Components

1.6 Connecting External Devices to the Workstation

1.7 Powering the Workstation On and Off

1.8 Adding and Removing Devices To and From the Boot Menu

2. Configuring the Preinstalled Solaris OS and Using Preinstalled Developer Software

2.1 Configuring the Solaris 10 OS

2.1.1 Licensing Information

2.1.2 Disk Configuration

2.1.3 Installation Flowchart

2.1.4 Configuring the Preinstalled Solaris 10 OS

2.2 Exploring Preinstalled Developer Software

2.2.1 Sun Studio Software

2.2.2 Sun Java Studio Creator

2.2.3 Sun Java Studio Enterprise

2.2.4 NetBeans IDE

2.2.5 Sun Java Enterprise System

2.3 Restoring or Reinstalling the Operating System

A. Configuring the System for Dual Monitors

A.1 To Configure Solaris for Multiple Displays

A.2 To Configure Windows for Multiple Displays

A.3 To Configure Linux for Multiple Displays

B. Troubleshooting Setup and Obtaining Technical Assistance

B.1 Troubleshooting the Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Setup

B.2 Technical Assistance

C. Tools and Drivers DVD, Supported Operating Systems, and System Specifications

C.1 Tools and Drivers DVD Software

C.2 Supported Operating System Software

C.3 Sun Ultra 24 Workstation Features and Specifications

C.3.1 System Components and Features

C.3.2 Memory Configurations

C.3.3 PCI-E and PCI Expansion Slots

C.3.4 Physical Specifications

C.3.5 Power Specifications

C.3.6 Environmental Specifications