Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Configure Linux for Multiple Monitors

  1. Connect your second monitor to the free graphics card DVI connector at the back of the workstation.

    Note –

    These instructions assume your workstation uses an NVIDIA graphics card with multiple output ports. If you use some other kind of graphics card, be sure to obtain the latest Linux-supported device driver for it.

  2. Log in to the workstation.

    Note –

    You should have already installed a supported version of the Linux operating system, see the Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Linux, OpenSolaris and Solaris Installation Guide.

  3. Insert the Tools and Drivers DVD in to the workstation DVD drive.

  4. From a terminal windows, enter the cd command to change to the appropriate directory:

    cd /cdrom/TD_name/drivers/linux/OS

    where TD_name is the name of the Tools and Drivers DVD and OS either redhat or suse.

  5. Run the script.

  6. After the script has finished successfully, log out and reboot the workstation.

  7. Log in to the workstation.

  8. From a terminal window, and the run nvidia-settings utility.

  9. Set up multi-display mode under X Server Display Configuration.

  10. Click Apply to update the X Server with the new configuration.

  11. Click Save to X Configuration File to save the display configuration to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.