Sun Ultra 27 Workstation Service Manual

ProcedureTo Perform an Internal Visual Inspection

  1. Power off the workstation using the procedure detailed in the section, To Power Off the Workstation.

  2. Remove the left-side access panel using the procedure detailed in the section, Opening the Workstation.

    Caution – Caution –

    Some components, such as the heatsink, can become extremely hot during system operations. Allow these components to cool before handling them.

  3. Turn off any attached peripherals, but do not disconnect the power cables.

  4. Verify that the internal workstation compartment is free of excessive dust and that the airflow through the interior of the workstation is not blocked by dust. foreign material or cables.

    Use forced air to carefully blow dust from the interior of the workstation.

    Caution – Caution –

    Liquid sprays can cause shorts and damage to the workstation and its components. Do not use liquid sprays to clean the interior of the workstation.

  5. Verify that the internal components such as hard drives, PCI cards and DIMMs are fully seated in the connectors and that the sockets are clean. If necessary disconnect and connect any connector that appears loose or poorly fitted.

  6. Verify that all cables inside the system are firmly attached to their appropriate connectors.

  7. Close the workstation using the procedure described in the section, Closing the Workstation and Preparing for Operation.