C H A P T E R  2

Preparing to Replace Components

This chapter describes common tasks that must be completed prior to performing a removal or installation procedure on any Sun Ultra 45 or Ultra 25 workstation.

The procedures described in this chapter are written for workstation service providers and system administrators.

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Caution - To prevent equipment damage, review the safety requirements, safety symbols, and safety precautions in this chapter before you perform any replacement procedure.

This chapter contains the following topics:

2.1 Safety Information

This section provides safety precautions to follow when servicing the Sun Ultra 45 or Ultra 25 workstation.

2.1.1 Safety Precautions

For your protection, observe the following safety precautions when setting up your equipment:


2.1.2 Safety Symbols

The following symbols might appear in this document:

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Caution - There is a risk of personal injury and equipment damage. To avoid personal injury and equipment damage, follow the instructions.

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Caution - Hot surface. Avoid contact. Surfaces are hot and might cause personal injury if touched.

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Caution - Hazardous voltages are present. To reduce the risk of electric shock and danger to personal health, follow the instructions.

2.1.3 Electrostatic Discharge Safety

Electrostatic discharge (ESD)-sensitive devices, such as the motherboard, PCI cards, hard drives, and the NVRAM, require special handling.

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Caution - The boards and hard drives contain electronic components that are extremely sensitive to static electricity. Ordinary amounts of static electricity from clothing or the work environment can destroy components. Do not touch the components along their connector edges.

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Caution - Wear an antistatic wrist strap and use an antistatic mat when handling components such as drive assemblies, boards, or DIMMs. When servicing or removing workstation components, attach an antistatic strap to your wrist and then to a metal area on the chassis. Then disconnect the power cord from the workstation and the wall receptacle. Following this caution equalizes all electrical potentials with the workstation.

2.2 Required Tools

Use the following tools to service the Sun Ultra 45 or Ultra 25 workstations (FIGURE 2-1):

FIGURE 2-1 Required Tools

Though not required for component replacement, the following tools have proven helpful in certain situations:

Place ESD-sensitive components such as the motherboard, memory, PCI cards, hard drives, and the NVRAM on an antistatic mat. The following items can be used as an antistatic mat:

2.3 Powering Off the Workstation

1. Notify any affected users that the system will be powered down.

2. Save any open files and quit all applications.

3. Press and release the Power button or the Sleep key (FIGURE 2-2).

If you pressed the Sleep key, select "Shutdown," from the menu.

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Caution - If the system is not running the Solaris Operating System (OS), you may need to press and hold the Power button for five seconds. The file system could be corrupted. For more information, refer to the documentation for the operating system in use.

4. Power off and disconnect any peripherals (FIGURE 2-3).

5. Disconnect the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and network connections.

FIGURE 2-2 Power Button and Sleep Key Location

FIGURE 2-3 Disconnecting the Workstation Cables

2.3.1 Opening the Workstation

1. Press down the two latches on the side cover and lift the cover off the workstation (FIGURE 2-4).

2. Using both hands, place the workstation on its side.

3. Pivot the workstation support stabilizer underneath the workstation.

4. Attach the antistatic wrist strap.

Wrap the adhesive portion around your wrist. Attach the copper end to the rear vent of the chassis. Ensure that the location does not interfere with your service procedure.

5. Remove the access panel:

a. Slide the lock block towards the front of the system.

b. Press and release the two latches and lift the access panel.

6. Disconnect the power cord from the workstation.

7. If necessary, remove any long PCI cards and pull the fan tray out of the chassis.

8. Find your removal or replacement procedure (TABLE 2-1).

FIGURE 2-4 Removing the Side Cover and Access Panel

2.4 Finding Replacement Procedures

Identify the component that you need to replace in FIGURE 2-5 and refer to TABLE 2-1 to find the replacement procedure.

FIGURE 2-5 Major Workstation Components

TABLE 2-1 Sun Ultra 45 or Ultra 25 Workstation Replaceable Components

Item No.



Replacement Procedure

Animated Procedure?


DVD-dual drive and cable

Slot loading DVD-dual drive with one combined cable for power and signal

Replacing the I/O Module With the DVD-Dual Drive and Audio USB Board



I/O module with two cables

USB and audio board with speaker, mounting bracket, audio connectors, system LEDs, Power button. One signal cable and one power cable

Replacing the I/O Module With the DVD-Dual Drive and Audio USB Board



Hard drive backplane and cable

Hard drive connector board with one SAS or SATA signal cable

Replacing the Hard Drive Backplane and Cables



Hard drive

Either 250GB, 7,200 rpm SATA, or 146 GB, 15,000 rpm SAS

Replacing a Hard Drive



Fan tray backplane and cable

Connector board with one combined signal and power cable

Replacing the Fan Tray and Fan Tray Backplane



Fan tray

Fan tray with three fans, 12 VDC

Replacing the Fan Tray and Fan Tray Backplane



Graphics accelerator

Sun XVR-100 graphics accelerator (PCI-X)

Sun XVR-2500 graphics accelerator (PCI Express)

Replacing the PCI Cards



DIMM (512 MB)



DIMM, 512 MB, DDR-1 SDRAM 266 MHz, ECC



Replacing the DIMMs




Sun Ultra 45 or Ultra 25 workstation motherboard with one or two CPUs, NVRAM, and battery

Replacing the Battery

Replacing the NVRAM

Replacing the Motherboard



Power supply

Power Supply, 1000 W, 100 - 240 VAC

(With five cables connected. One cable is not used in this workstation).

Replacing the Power Supply


Note - The components listed in TABLE 2-1 are subject to change without notice. Consult your authorized Sun sales representative or service provider to confirm a part number prior to ordering a replacement component, or search this web site: