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Sun ONE Directory Server Resource Kit 5.2 Tools Reference 

Chapter 29
The Database File Analyzer Tool

The dbscan tool analyzes and extracts information from a Sun™ ONE Directory Server database file. This chapter provides instructions on how to use dbscan. It contains the following sections:


The dbscan tool analyzes and extracts information from a Directory Server database file. Database files use the .db2 and .db3 extensions in their filename, depending on the version of Directory Server. The tool analyzes these files, extracting information about entries in the Directory Server. The DSRK includes the tool in the DSRK_base/bin/dsrk52 directory.

Command Usage

The dbscan tool analyzes raw database files and extracts information about the entries stored in the directory. One format of the output generates the LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF ) representation of directory contents. You can also use this tool to create index files of the database.


The syntax of the dbscan tool on the command-line takes the following form:

dbscan [ options ] -f filename


You will need to redirect the standard output to a file (> outputFile) to save it.


The dbscan options and parameters are described in Table 29-1.

Table 29-1  Command-Line Options for dbscan 






Specify the database file to analyze.



Analyze the database file to generate its index file in the output.



Analyze the database file to generate a corresponding entry file. The output is in the id2entry format.



Specify the maximum length of ID lists to display. Longer lists will be truncated at the maxLength number of IDs. When this option is not specified, the default maximum length is 4096.



Specify that only ID list lengths be displayed, not their contents.



Specify that only index entries with more than minSize IDs should be displayed in the output. This option is only effective when used with the -n option.



Show libdb record numbers in the output.



Look for and output only the specified key in the database.

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