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Sun ONE Directory Server Resource Kit 5.2 Tools Reference 

Chapter 28
The Core File Analyzer Tool

The viewldbg tool analyzes the contents of a memory dump file. This chapter provides instructions on how to use the tool. It contains the following sections:


The viewldbg tool reads a core file and extracts information about the runtime execution path and data structures. A core file is a copy of the contents of a memory dump, produced when a process is aborted by internal error. The core file must be generated by an executable that was compiled to produce debugging information; it must also be given as input to the viewldbg command. It can be used to analyze runtime conditions and errors when developing applications with the Sun™ ONE LDAP SDK for C. The latest version of the tool is in the DSRK_base/bin/dsrk52 directory.


The viewldbg tool is specific to the Solaris™ operating environment and only available on Solaris platform installations.

Command Usage

The viewldbg tool is identical to the viewcore tool released in version 5.0 of Sun ONE LDAP SDK for C; only the name has changed.


The syntax of the viewldbg command on the command-line takes the following form:

viewldbg executableFile coreFile outputFile


Command-Line Example

The code reproduced in Code Example 28-1 is a sample of the output from the following commands:

$ viewldbg executableFile ./core ~/coreOutput.txt

$ cat ~/coreOutput.txt

Code Example 28-1  Sample Output for viewldbg

Core analysis date. Copyright (c) 2000 Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Currently time

Opening executableFile ./core

architecture is SPARC

0: NOTE offset=0x1234 filesz=0x1234 flags=9 align=8

1: LOAD vaddr=0x0394 filesz=0x0948 memsz=0x0948 mode=RWX


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