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Sun ONE Identity Server 6.1 Administration Guide

Chapter 13
The ampassword Command Line Tool

This chapter provides information on the amPassword command line tool and contains the following sections:

The ampassword Command Line Executable

Identity Server contains an ampassword utility under $installroot/SUNWam/bin. This utility allows you change the Identity Server password for the administrator or user.

The ampassword Syntax

The generic syntax for using the ampassword tool is:

ampassword -a | --admin [ -o | --old oldPassword -n | --new newPassword ]

ampassword -p | --proxy [ -o | --old oldPassword -n | --new newPassword ]

ampassword -e | --encrypt [ password ]


Two hyphens must be entered exactly as shown in the syntax.

ampassword Options

--admin (-a)

--admin is used to change the admin password.

--proxy (-p)

--proxy is used to change the proxy password. It corresponds to the proxy user (user type proxy in serverconfig.xml.)

--encrypt (-e)

--encrypt is used to encrypt the password. It is printed to the command line.

Running ampassword on SSL

To run ampassword with Identity Server running in Secure-Socket Layer (SSL) mode:

  1. Modify the serverconfig.xml file, located in the following directory:
  2. IdentityServer_base/SUNWam/config/ums

  3. Change port the server attribute to the SSL port which Identity Server is running.
  4. Change the type attribute to SSL.
  5. For example:


    <ServerGroup name="default" minConnPool="1" maxConnPool="10">

        <Server name="Server1" host="" port="636" type="SSL" />

        <User name="User1" type="proxy">


                    cn=puser,ou=DSAME Users,dc=iplanet,dc=com





    </User> ...

ampassword only changes the password in Directory Server. You will have to manually change passwords in the ServerConfig.xml and all authentication templates for Identity Server.

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