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Sun ONE Identity Server 6.1 Administration Guide


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Part 1 Identity Server Console Guide

Chapter 1   Product Overview
Sun ONE Identity Server
Features of Identity Server
Service Configuration
Policy Management
Federation Management
Single Sign-On
Policy Agents
Identity Management
The Identity Server Console
Header Frame
Navigation Frame
Data Frame

Chapter 2   Identity Management
The Identity Management Interface
Identity Management View
User Profile View
Managing Identity Server Objects
Properties Function
Add an Organization to a Policy
Add a Group to a Policy
Add a User to a Policy
Add a Role to a Policy
Customize a Service to a Role
People Containers
Group Containers

Chapter 3   Service Configuration
Definition of a Service
Identity Server Services
Administration Service
Authentication Service
HTTP Basic
Membership (Self-Registration)
Authentication Configuration Service
Client Detection Service
Globalization Settings Service
Logging Service
Naming Service
Password Reset Service
Platform Service
Policy Configuration Service
SAML Service
Session Service
User Service
Attribute Types
Dynamic Attributes
User Attributes
Organization Attributes
Global Attributes
Policy Attributes
Service Configuration Interface

Chapter 4   Current Sessions
The Current Sessions Interface
Session Management Frame
Session Information Window
Terminating a Session

Chapter 5   Federation Management
Overview of Authentication Domains and Providers
Authentication Domains
Creating An Authentication Domain
Modifying An Authentication Domain
Deleting An Authentication Domain
Creating Remote Providers
Modifying Remote Providers
Creating Hosted Providers
Modifying Hosted Providers
Deleting Providers

Chapter 6   Policy Management
Policy Types
Normal Policy
Referral Policy
Policy Management
Registering Policy Configuration Services
Creating Policies
Modifying Policies
Modify a Normal Policy
Modify a Referral Policy
Creating Policies for Peer and Suborganizations

Chapter 7   Authentication Options
Core Authentication
Registering and Enabling the Core Service
Anonymous Authentication
Registering and Enabling Anonymous Authentication
Logging In Using Anonymous Authentication
Certificate-based Authentication
Registering and Enabling Certificate-based Authentication
Adding a Platform Server List for Certificate-based Authentication
Logging In Using Certificate-based Authentication
HTTP Basic Authentication
Registering and Enabling HTTP Basic Authentication
Logging In Using HTTP Basic Authentication
LDAP Directory Authentication
Registering and Enabling LDAP Authentication
Logging In Using LDAP Authentication
Enabling LDAP Authentication Failover
Multiple LDAP Configuration
Membership Authentication
Registering and Enabling Membership Authentication
Logging In Using Membership Authentication
NT Authentication
Registering and Enabling NT Authentication
Logging In Using NT Authentication
RADIUS Server Authentication
Registering and Enabling RADIUS Authentication
Logging In Using RADIUS Authentication
SafeWord Authentication
Registering and Enabling SafeWord Authentication
Logging In Using SafeWord Authentication
Configuring SafeWord with Sun ONE Application Server
SecurID Authentication
Registering and Enabling SecurID Authentication
Logging In Using SecurID Authentication
Unix Authentication
Registering and Enabling Unix Authentication
Logging In Using Unix Authentication
Authentication Configuration
Authentication Configuration User Interface
Authentication Configuration for Organizations
Authentication Configuration for Roles
Authentication Configuration for Services
Authentication Configuration for Users
Authentication By Authentication Level
Authentication By Module
URL Redirection

Chapter 8   Password Reset Service
Registering the Password Reset Service
Configuring the Password Reset Service
Password Reset Lockout
Memory Lockout
Physical Lockout
Password Reset for End Users
Customizing Password Reset
Resetting Forgotten Passwords
Password Policies

Part 2 Command Line Reference Guide

Chapter 9   The amadmin Command Line Tool
The amadmin Command Line Executable
The amadmin Syntax
amadmin Options
Creating Policies with amadmin

Chapter 10   The amserver Command Line Tool
The amserver Command Line Executable
amserver Syntax
amserver Commands for Solaris
amserver Commands for Windows 2000
Using amserver for Multi-Server Installer Administration (Web Server Instances only)
TO BE ADDED FOR 6.2!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 11   The am2bak Command Line Tool
The am2bak Command Line Executable
The am2bak Syntax
am2bak Options
Backup Procedure

Chapter 12   The bak2am Command Line Tool
The bak2am Command Line Executable
The bak2am Syntax
bak2am Options

Chapter 13   The ampassword Command Line Tool
The ampassword Command Line Executable
The ampassword Syntax
ampassword Options
Running ampassword on SSL

Chapter 14   The VerifyArchive Command Line Tool
The VerifyArchive Command Line Executable
VerifyArchive Syntax
VerifyArchive Options

Chapter 15   The amsecuridd Helper
The amsecuridd Helper Command Line Executable
amsecuridd Syntax
amsecuridd Options
Running the amsecuridd helper
Required Libraries

Part 3 Attribute Reference Guide

Chapter 16   Administration Service Attributes
Global Attributes
Enable Federation Management
Enable User Management
Show People Containers
Display Containers In Menu
Show Group Containers
Managed Group Type
Default Role Permissions (ACIs)
No Permissions
Organization Admin
Organization Help Desk Admin
Organization Policy Admin
Domain Component Tree Enabled
Admin Groups Enabled
Compliance User Deletion Enabled
Dynamic Admin Roles ACIs
Container Help Desk Admin
Organization Help Desk Admin
Container Admin
Organization Policy Admin
People Container Admin
Group Admin
Top-level Admin
Organization Admin
User Profile Service Classes
DC Node Attribute List
Search Filters for Deleted Objects
Organization Attributes
Groups Default People Container
Groups People Container List
User Profile Display Class
Display User's Roles
Display User's Groups
User Group Self Subscription
User Profile Display Options
User Creation Default Roles
View Menu Entries
Maximum Results Returned From Search
Timeout For Search (sec.)
JSP Directory Name
Online Help Documents
Required Services
User Search Key
User Search Return Attribute
User Creation Notification List
User Deletion Notification List
User Modification Notification List
Maximum Entries Per Page
Display Options
Event Listener Classes
Pre and Post Processing Classes
External Attributes Fetch Enabled

Chapter 17   Anonymous Authentication Attributes
Valid Anonymous User List
Case Sensitive User Name
Default Anonymous User Name
Authentication Level

Chapter 18   Certificate Authentication Attributes
Match Certificate in LDAP
Attribute In Subject DN To Use To Search LDAP
Match Certificate to CRL
Attribute In Issuer DN To Use To Search CRL
Enable OCSP Validation
LDAP Server and Port
LDAP Start Search DN
LDAP Server Principal User
LDAP Server Principal Password
LDAP Attribute for Profile ID
SSL On For LDAP Access
Field in Cert To Use To Access User Profile
Other Field In Cert To Use To Access User Profile
Trusted Remote Hosts
SSL Port Number
Authentication Level

Chapter 19   Core Authentication Attributes
Global Attributes
Pluggable Auth Module Classes
Supported Auth Modules for Clients
LDAP Connection Pool Size
LDAP Connection Default Pool Size
Organization Attributes
Organization Authentication Modules
User Profile
Admin Authenticator
User Profile Dynamic Creation Default Roles
Persistent Cookie Mode
Persistent Cookie Max Time (seconds)
People Container For All Users
Alias Search Attribute Name
User Naming Attribute
Default Auth Locale
Organization Authentication Configuration
Login Failure Lockout Mode
Login Failure Lockout Count
Login Failure Lockout Interval (minutes)
Email Address to Send Lockout Notification
Warn User After N Failure
Login Failure Lockout Duration (minutes)
Lockout Attribute Name
Lockout Attribute Value
Default Success Login URL
Default Failure Login URL
Authentication PostProcessing Class
User Name Generator Mode
Pluggable User Name Generator Class
Default Auth Level

Chapter 20   HTTP Basic Authentication Attributes
Authentication Level

Chapter 21   LDAP Authentication Attributes
Primary LDAP Server and Port
Secondary LDAP Server and Port
DN to Start User Search
DN for Root User bind
Password for Root User Bind
Password For Root User Bind (Confirm)
User Naming Attribute
User Entry Search Attributes
User Search Filter
Search Scope
Enable SSL to LDAP Server
Return User DN To Auth
LDAP Server Check Interval
User Creation Attributes List
Authentication Level

Chapter 22   Membership Authentication Attributes
Minimum Password Length
Default User Roles
User Status After Registration
Primary LDAP Server and Port
Secondary LDAP Server and Port
DN to Start User Search
DN for Root User bind
Password for Root User Bind
Password for Root User Bind (Confirm)
User Naming Attribute
User Entry Search Attributes
User Search Filter
Search Scope
Enable SSL to LDAP Server
Return User DN To Auth
Authentication Level

Chapter 23   NT Authentication Attributes
NT Authentication Domain
NT Authentication Host
Authentication Level

Chapter 24   RADIUS Authentication Attributes
RADIUS Server 1
RADIUS Server 2
RADIUS Shared Secret
RADIUS Shared Secret (Confirm)
RADIUS Server’s Port
Timeout (Seconds)
Authentication Level

Chapter 25   SafeWord Authentication Attributes
SafeWord Server Specification
SafeWord System Name
SafeWord Server Verification Files Path
SafeWord Logging Level
SafeWord Log Path
Authentication Level

Chapter 26   SecurID Authentication Attributes
SecurID ACE/Server Configuration Path
SecurID Helper Configuration Port
SecurID Helper Authentication Port
Authentication Level

Chapter 27   Unix Authentication Attributes
Global Attributes
Unix Helper Configuration Port
Unix Helper Authentication Port
Unix Helper Timeout (Minutes)
Unix Helper Threads
Organization Attribute
Authentication Level

Chapter 28   Authentication Configuration Service Attributes
Authentication Configuration
Login Success URL
Login Failure URL
Authentication Post Processing Class
Conflict Resolution Level

Chapter 29   Client Detection Service Attributes
Client Types
Client Manager
Default Client Type
Client Detection Class
Client Detection Enabled

Chapter 30   Globalization Setting Service Attributes
Charsets Supported By Each Locale
Charset Aliases
Auto Generated Common Name Format

Chapter 31   Logging Service Attributes
Max Log Size
Number of History Files
Log Location
Logging Type
Database User Name
Database User Password
Database User Password (Confirm)
Database Driver Name
Configurable Log Fields
Log Verification Time
Log Signature Time
Secure Logging
Maximum Number of Records
Number Of Files Per Archive
Buffer Size
Buffer Time
Time Buffering

Chapter 32   Naming Service Attributes
Profile Service URL
Session Service URL
Logging Service URL
Policy Service URL
Auth Service URL
SAML Web Profile/Artifact Service URL
SAML Web Profile/POST Service URL
SAML Assertion Manager Service URL
Federation Assertion Manager Service URL
Identity SDK Service URL

Chapter 33   Password Reset Service Attributes
User Validation
Secret Question
Search Filter
Base DN
Bind DN
Bind Password
Password Reset Option
Password Change Notification Option
Password Reset Enabled
Personal Question Enabled
Number of Questions
Password Reset Failure Lockout Count
Password Reset Failure Lockout Interval (minutes)
Email Address to Send Lockout Notification
Warn User After N Failure
Password Reset Failure Lockout Duration (minutes)
Password Reset Failure Lockout Mode
Password Reset Lockout Attribute Name
Password Reset Lockout Attribute Value

Chapter 34   Platform Service Attributes
Server List
Platform Locale
Cookie Domains
Login Service URL
Logout Service URL
Available Locales
Client Char Sets

Chapter 35   Policy Configuration Service Attributes
Global Attribute
Resource Comparator
Organization Attributes
LDAP Server and Port
LDAP Users Base DN
Identity Server Roles Base DN
LDAP Bind Password
LDAP Bind Password (Confirm)
LDAP Org Search Filter
LDAP Org Search Scope
LDAP Groups Search Filter
LDAP Groups Search Scope
LDAP Users Search Filter
LDAP Users Search Scope
LDAP Roles Search Filter
LDAP Roles Search Scope
Identity Server Roles Search Scope
LDAP Organization Search Attribute
LDAP Groups Search Attribute
LDAP Users Search Attribute
LDAP Roles Search Attribute
Maximum Results Returned From Search
Timeout For Search (seconds)
LDAP SSL Enabled
LDAP Connection Pool Minimal Size
LDAP Connection Pool Maximum Size
Selected Policy Subjects
Selected Policy Conditions
Selected Policy Referrals
Subjects Result Time To Live
User Alias Enabled

Chapter 36   SAML Service Attributes
Site ID And Site Issuer Name
Sign Request
Sign Response
Sign Assertion
Artifact Name
Target Specifier
Artifact Timeout (seconds)
Assertion Skew Factor For notBefore Time
Assertion Timeout (seconds)
Trusted Partner Sites
POST To Target URLs

Chapter 37   Session Service Attributes
Global Attributes
Maximum Number of Search Results
Timeout For Search (Seconds)
Dynamic Attributes
Max Session Time (Minutes)
Max Idle Time (Minutes)
Max Caching Time (Minutes)

Chapter 38   User Attributes
User Service Attributes
User Preferred Language
User Preferred Timezone
Inherited Locale
Admin DN Starting View
Default User Status
User Profile Attributes
First Name
Last Name
Full Name
Password (Confirm)
Email Address
Employee Number
Telephone Number
Home Address
User Status
Account Expiration Date
User Authentication Configuration
User Alias List
Preferred Locale
Success URL
Failure URL
Unique User IDs

Appendix A   Error Codes
Identity Server Console Errors
Authentication Error Codes
Policy Error Codes
amadmin Error Codes

Appendix B   Configuring Identity Server in SSL Mode
Configuring Identity Server With a Secure Sun ONE Web Server
Configuring Identity Server with a Secure Sun ONE Application Server
Setting Up Application Server With SSL
Configuring Identity Server in SSL Mode

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