Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With StorEdge A1000 Array, Netra st A1000 Array, or StorEdge A3500 System Manual

ProcedureHow to Remove a Disk Drive

Removing a disk drive enables you to reduce or reallocate your existing storage pool. You might want to perform this procedure in the following scenarios.

For conceptual information about quorum, quorum devices, global devices, and device IDs, see your Sun Cluster concepts documentation.

Before You Begin

This procedure relies on the following prerequisites and assumptions.

  1. Is the logical unit number (LUN) that is associated with the disk drive a quorum device? This disk drive is the disk drive that you are removing.

    Note –

    Your storage array or storage system might not support LUNs as quorum devices. To determine if this restriction applies to your storage array or storage system, see Restrictions and Requirements.

    # scstat -q
    • If no, proceed to Step 2.

    • If yes, relocate that quorum device to another suitable storage array.

      For procedures about how to add and remove quorum devices, see your Sun Cluster system administration documentation.

  2. Remove the LUN that is associated with the disk drive you are removing.

    For the procedure about how to remove a LUN, see How to Delete a LUN.

  3. Remove the disk drive from the storage array.

    For the procedure about how to remove a disk drive, see your storage documentation. For a list of storage documentation, see Related Documentation.

    Caution – Caution –

    After you remove the disk drive, install a dummy drive to maintain proper cooling.