Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

Format of the Inform Group

The inform group specifies the hosts to which your agent or manager will send informs if the InetAddressAcl mechanism is used. This group contains one or more inform community definitions.

inform = {

Each community definition defines the association between a set of hosts and the SNMP community string in the informs to be sent to them. Each inform definition has the following format:

   inform-community = informCommunityName
   hosts = informHostList

The informCommunityName item specifies a single SNMP community string. It will be included in the informs sent to the hosts specified in the hosts item. SNMPv3 does use the community string, so use IP addresses or the context name instead.

The informHostList item specifies a comma-separated list of hosts. Each host must be identified by its name or complete IP address.

When the SNMP protocol adaptor is instructed to send an inform using the InetAddressAcl mechanism, it will send an inform to every host listed in the inform community definitions. If a host is present in more than one list, it will receive more than one inform, each one identified by its corresponding inform community.