Sun Management Center 4.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Service Tag Registration

Sun Management Center 4.0 registers its own service tag by using the Solaris stclient interface. Information such as the product name, product version, architecture, and zone name (if any) are registered. Sun Management Center 4.0 also inserts its unique product identifier information in the service tag registry, which identifies this product within Sun Microsystems. However, sensitive information like the host name or hardware are not inserted.

Note –

Sun Management Center only inserts the information. You can send this information back to Sun Microsystems using the Product Client Registration mechanism of the Sun Connection product. Sun Management Center does not, in any form, transmit this information back to Sun on its own.

When you invoke Sun Management Center, the installation performs the following tasks:

Solaris Packages for Service Tags

For Solaris 8, 9, and 10 versions, service tags are available as Solaris packages. You can download a service tag for the Solaris Operating System from The Solaris packages are as follows: