Sun Management Center 4.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Sun Management Center Java Console Using Java Web Start

Sun Management Center 4.0 supports the Java Web Start based console. To start the Sun Management Center Java console through Java Web Start, you must install both the server and the console layers. When the setup detects that both the server and console layers are installed, the following tasks are processed:

The BASEDIR/SUNWsymon/web/console/lib directory forms the basis of the Java Web Start configuration for Sun Management Center. A script creates the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) file at runtime using this directory as the web server's web application directory.

The setup uses the location and organization that you specify during the web console setup to generate the keystore for authenticating the Java Web Store based console certificates.

ProcedureTo Start the Java Web Start Based Sun Management Center Console

  1. Type http://server-name:webserver-port/smconsole.jnlp in your browser.

  2. Type your login name and password.