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Sun StorageTek 4 Gb FC NEM 20-Port Host Bus Adapter User’s Guide







1. Network Express Module Overview

NEM Features and Specifications

ID Chip Feature

Operating System Requirements

System Interoperability

Host Platform Support

Storage System Support

Fibre Channel Switch Support

2. Hardware Installation and Removal

Observing ESD and Handling Precautions

Installing the NEM

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install the NEM

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Connect the Optical Cables

Configuring the NEM For Hot-Plug Operation

Using the ILOM Web Interface

Using the ILOM Command-Line Interface

Verifying a Hot-Insert Operation

Using the ILOM Web Interface

Using the ILOM CLI

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Verify NEM Status

Replacing a NEM

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install the ID Chip Patch

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Remove a NEM

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Replace the ID Chip

3. HBA Software Installation

Driver Software for the Solaris OS

Solaris Diagnostic Support

Driver Software for Linux OSs

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Update the Driver

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install SLES9-SP3 to FC Disk

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Build the Linux 2.6 Driver

Driver Software for Windows 2003 OS

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Install Windows OS Driver and Application Kits

Configuration and Diagnostic Utilities

4. Release Notes

Using the NEM With Sun StorEdge 3510 and 3511 Arrays

Solaris OS-Specific Issues

Out of Option ROM Memory Error in System BIOS

SUSE Linux Enterprise-Specific Issues

Windows Server 2003 OS-Specific Issues

A. Declaration of Conformity, Regulatory Compliance, and Safety Statements

Declaration of Conformity

Safety Agency Compliance Statement

Regulatory Compliance Statements