Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


The form header includes:

The header contains information about the form, including internal identification such as date of creation, login of whoever last modified the file, and the form type. The page processor typically generates this information.

Note –

The system generates the following information for internal use only. Do not edit these attributes.

Table 2–8 Form Header Components




Required to wrap the <Form> element.



Contains information that the system uses internally when processing the form object, including the date of last modification and login of the user who last modified this form. Most of this information is typically associated with any persistent object that is stored in the Identity Manager repository. You typically do not need to edit this information. 

Configuration id=’#ID#UserForm:EndUserMenu’ name=’End User Menu’ createDate=’1012185191296’ lastModifier=’Configurator’ lastModDate=’1013190499093’ lastMod=’44’ counter=’0’ wstype=’UserForm’>