Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Form Body

The form body is composed of:

The following table lists form header properties.

Table 2–9 Form Header Properties




Identifies the text that appears at the top of the form. Typically, this title is in a bold font typically larger than the other font on the screen. The form title appears under the Identity Manager page. You cannot edit the display characteristics of title.

In the example given in the section titled Form Components, the value of title is User Self Service


Identifies text that appears under title of the form on the page defined by this form. You cannot edit the display characteristics of title. 

In the preceding example, the value of subtitle is Select one of the following options


Defines the width in pixels of the value of title in the browser window. 

The following table lists all elements that can occur within the form body.

Table 2–10 Elements that Can Occur within the Form Body





Defines an XPRESS function. This element can be called by any field element in a form. 

<defun name=’add100’>

<def arg name=’x’/>





Defines an XPRESS variable that is used to hold the results of a computation. 

<defvar name=’nameLength’






Identifies the display components that will define the appearance of the field. See the section titled Display Element for more information.

<Display class=’LinkForm’>

<Property name=’title’ value=’User Self Service’/>

<Property name=’subtitle’ value=’Select one of the following options’/>



Main element used within the form body. See the section titled Field Element for more information.

<Field name=’fullname’/>


Provides a reference to a field defined in an included form. 

<FieldRef name=’fieldName’/>


Provides a reference to another form object. Once included in the current form, the fields defined in the form can be referenced and displayed. 


<ObjectRef type=’UserForm’ id=’#ID#UserForm:UserFormLibrary’/>



Provides a reference to another form object. 

<FormRef name=’formName’/>


Provides a way to define a shortcut to a view. The shortened name can then be used in field names and references instead of the longer name. When using the name substitution, use a colon (:) following the name. 

<Namespace name=’w’ value=’waveset’/>