Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

The Five End-User Interface Tabs

The end-user interface is organized into five sections:

Home Tab

When a user logs in to the Identity Manager User interface, any pending work items and delegations for the user are displayed on the Home tab, as illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 2–2 User Interface (Home Tab)

Figure showing the Home Tab in the User Interface.

The Home tab provides quick access to any pending items. Users can click an item in the list to respond to a work item request or perform other available actions.

Work Items Tab

The Work Items tab is further divided into separate Approvals, Attestations, Remediations, and Other tabs. In this area of the user interface users can approve or reject any pending work items that the user owns or has the authority to act on.

Requests Tab

The Requests tab has two subtabs: Launch Requests and View.

On the Launch Requests tab users have two choices: Update My Roles and Update My Resources.

The View subtab displays status details for requests submitted by the user. From this area users can view the process status and task results for the requests they submit.

Delegations Tab

From the Delegations tab, users can delegate work items to other Identity Manager users. For example, a user who is the assigned approver for one or more roles can designate that future approval work items be sent to a colleague for a certain amount of time while the user is away on vacation. Using the Delegations page, users can create and manage delegations without requiring the assistance of an administrator.

Profile Tab

End-users can manage their Identity Manger password and account attribute settings from the Profile tab. This tab is divided into the following four subtabs: