Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Where to Go from Here

After you become familiar with Identity Manager interfaces and the ways that you can find information, use the following reference to guide you to the topics you want to focus on:

Chapter Topic  


Chapter 3, User and Account Management

Describes the Accounts area of the interface and provides procedures for managing user accounts. 

Chapter 5, Roles and Resources

Describes how to work with Identity Manager roles and resources. 

Chapter 4, Configuring Business Administration Objects

Describes the configuration tasks and how to set up Identity Manager objects. 

Chapter 6, Administration

Explains how to create and manage Identity Manager administrators and organizations. 

Chapter 7, Data Loading and Synchronization

Provides a guide to the features and tools you can use to maintain current data in Identity Manager. 

Chapter 8, Reporting

Describes the reports and how to generate them. 

Chapter 9, Task Templates

Describes the Task Templates you can use to configure certain workflow behaviors. 

Chapter 10, Audit Logging

Describes the audit logs and how the auditing system works. 

Chapter 11, PasswordSync

Describes how to set up the PasswordSync utility to synchronize password changes in Windows Active Directory domains with changes with Identity Manager. 

Chapter 12, Security

Describes the security features and how to use them. 

Chapter 13, Identity Auditing: Basic Concepts

Describes basic auditing concepts. 

Chapter 14, Auditing: Audit Policies

Describes how to create audit policies. 

Chapter 15, Auditing: Monitoring Compliance

Describes how to conduct audit reviews and implement practices that help you manage compliance with federally mandated regulations 

Chapter 16, Data Exporter

The Data Exporter feature allows you to write information about users, roles, and other object types to an external data warehouse. 

Chapter 17, Service Provider Administration

Describes features for managing service provider users. 

Appendix A, lh Reference

Describes commands available from the Identity Manager command line. 

Appendix B, Audit Log Database Schema

Audit data schema values for the supported database types and audit log database mappings 

Appendix C, User Interface Quick Reference

A quick reference to performing administrative tasks in the UI. It shows the primary location where you will go to begin each task, as well as alternate locations or methods (if available) that you can use to perform the same task. 

Appendix D, Capabilities Definitions

A list of Identity Manager’s default task-based and functional capabilities (with definitions). This appendix also lists the tabs and subtabs that may be accessed with each task-based capability.