Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Capture Installation Parameters to a Configuration File

Follow these instructions to install PasswordSync using the installation wizard. The configuration utility captures configuration parameters and writes them to an XML file.

Before You Begin

Remove older versions of PasswordSync before installing.

  1. Go to the directory with the PasswordSync installation (.msi) file.

    See To Install the PasswordSync Configuration Application for information.

  2. Type the following at a command prompt. Arguments and values are case sensitive.

    msiexec /i pwSyncInstallFile CONFIGARGS="-writexml fullPathToFile"


    • pwSyncInstallFile is the PasswordSync installation file. (Either IdmPwSync_86.msi or IdmPwSync_x64.msi).

    • fullPathToFile specifies where to write the XML file.

    For example:

    msiexec /i IdmPwSync_x86.msi CONFIGARGS="-writexml c:\tmp\myconfig.xml"
  3. Install the product.