Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Install PasswordSync Silently

Before You Begin
  1. Copy your installation configuration XML file to a location where it can be read by the installer.

  2. Type the following at a command prompt. Arguments and values are case sensitive.

    msiexec /i pwSyncInstallFile ADDLOCAL="installFeature" CONFIGARGS="-readxml fullPathToFile"
     INSTALLDIR="installDir" /q


    • pwSyncInstallFile is the PasswordSync installation file. (Either IdmPwSync_86.msi or IdmPwSync_x64.msi).

    • installFeature specifies which PasswordSync features to install. Choose one of the following:

      • MainProgram — Only install the interceptor .dll file

      • Configuration — Only install the configuration application

      • ALL — Install the complete product

      If nothing is specified, MainProgram is used by default if the /q option is supplied.

    • fullPathToFile specifies the path to the configuration XML file.

    • installDir specifies the full path to a custom installation directory. Optional.

    • /q specifies a non-GUI install that automatically reboots the server when finished. If not included, the installation wizard will display but the configuration will run with the predefined settings. Optional.


    msiexec /i IdmPwSync_x86.msi CONFIGARGS="-readxml c:\tmp\myconfig.xml"
    msiexec /i IdmPwSync_x86.msi ADDLOCAL="MainProgram" 
    CONFIGARGS="-readxml c:\tmp\myconfig.xml" /q
    msiexec /i IdmPwSync_x64.msi ADDLOCAL="Complete" 
    CONFIGARGS="-readxml c:\tmp\myconfig.xml" 
    INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Sun Microsystems\MyCustomInstallDirectory" /q