Solaris Advanced User's Guide


The SUN-DES-1 authorization protocol, developed by Sun Microsystems, is based on Secure Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and requires Data Encryption Standard (DES) support. The authorization information is the machine-independent netname, or network name, of a user. This information is encrypted and sent to the server as part of the connection packet. The server decrypts the information and, if the netname is known, allows the connection.

This protocol provides a higher level of security than the MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 protocol. No other user can use your machine-independent netname to access a server, but another user can use the magic cookie to access a server.

This protocol is available only in libraries in the Solaris 1.1 and compatible environments. Any applications built with static libraries cannot use this authorization protocol.

Allowing Access When Using SUN-DES-1 describes how to allow another user access to your server by adding that person's netname to your server's access list.