System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Setting Column Rights When Creating an NIS+ Table

When a table is created, its columns are assigned the same rights as the table object. These table level, rights are derived from the NIS_DEFAULTS environment variable, or are specified as part of the command that creates the table. You can also use the nistbladm -c option to specify initial column access rights when creating a table with nistbladm. To use this option you must have create rights to the directory in which you will be creating the table. To set column rights when creating a table use:

nistbladm -c type `columname=[flags] [,access]... tablename'


To assign a column its own set of rights at table creation time, append access rights to each column's equal sign after the column type and a comma. Separate the columns with a space:

column=type,rights column=type,rights column=type,rights

The example below creates a table named depts in the directory, of type div, with three columns (Name, Site, and Manager), and adds modify rights for the group to the second and third columns:

rootmaster% nistbladm -c div Name=S Site=S,g+m Manager=S,g+m

For more information about the nistbladm and the -c option, see Chapter 19, Administering NIS+ Tables.